One Piece reveals that one of its main characters has disappeared

In the most recent manga, it has been seen that a main character from One Piece has disappeared.

One Piece reveals that one of its main characters has disappeared 07/29/2022 12:30

The resumption of One Piece, after a month off by his mangaka Eiichiro Oda, has brought some shocking revelationswhich have left with much expectation to the fans.

And it is that in the more recent chapter of the manga have occurred a series of important events that they have given him a unexpected twist this exciting seriesalso one of the main characters of the series has missing in the midst of these outcomes.

Next we will tell you the details.

What is the main character of One Piece that has disappeared?

Vivi Nefertari has mysteriously disappeared

Vivi Nefertari has mysteriously disappeared

In the entire One Piece series, Luffy is gone doing with new friends to which he has gone recruiting What nakamas or allies in most of voyages that have ventured.

It is important to note what Luffy you can always count with these allies before any fix to be presented.

In one of his crossingsduring the Alabasta arc, the Straw Hat rescues to one young lady a crocodile hands. This peculiar girl turns out to be the princess of this kingdomcall Vivi Nefertariwhich was of incognito in an organization called Baroque Works which belonged to the former Shichibukai.

crocodile had intentions of take over this kingdomas there was the place where to his illegal businesswas also interested in this one, because in it found one of the Poneglyphwhich was necessary to carry out the research over a secret weapon.

In the most recent chapter of the series, it has been seen how Sabo has established himself as a great herothough also as a big threat for him world governmentwhich is known as the “Flame Emperor”. However, this one is accuses to have murdered the King of Alabasta and Vivi’s fatherCobra Nefertari, descendant of one of the five families who founded the world government.

In the midst of this series of events, confirmed what has missing princess Vivi Nefertari right in the moment in what was murdered his father.

Their disappearance has left many doubts about itsince it is speculate what could there be deador that it can be a dark plan in which the princess could be involved.

This scenario has left the door open to a bunch of theories on disappearance of Princess Vivi, leaving a great unknown of what could have happened to him.

How did the Mugiwara help Vivi during the Alabasta arc?

The Mugiwara helped Vivi Nefertari free Alabasta

The Mugiwara helped Vivi Nefertari free Alabasta

During the Arabasta arc there were endless events, being one of the most notable the luffy vs crocodile fightwith the reason to help to princess Vivi to free your country from the hands of the terrible former Shichibukai who had caused a civil war within this kingdom.

Luffy and his nakamas decide support and help princess Vivi to defeat Crocodile in order to bring the peace back to this realm.

From that moment Vivi Nefertari becomes a Luffy’s allyand also perform a friendship pact, sealing it with a symbol on the left arm.

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