all missions, rewards and bonuses of the event Discovering Hisui

In Pokémon GO, one of its most special events in recent months has just begun as it is dedicated to Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The so-called Discovering Hisui brings us the new Pokémon to capture, but it also leaves us with new missions, bonuses and other news that we are going to review in the following guide.

All missions, rewards and bonuses of the event Discovering Hisui

During all these days, until August 2 specifically, there are certain Pokémon that will appear more often than usual and that they have a large presence in the Hisui region of the Nintendo Switch title. Among all of them, the appearance of Voltorb and Qwilfish in his Hisui form stands out, especially the latter because it is his debut.

The Pokémon that you will find in the wild are: Aipom, Bronzor, Buizel, Croagunk, Drifloon, Eevee, Electabuzz, Gible, Kricketot, Magmar, Octillery, Onix, Panpour, Ponyta, Porygon, Hisui’s Qwilfish, Tangela, Hisui’s Voltorb, Wurmple and Zubat.

Also, in the Eggs of 7 kilometers You may see Hisui’s Growlithe and Sneasel along with Voltorb and Qwilfish, also in their forms from this region, so it’s a unique opportunity to get all four and evolve them into Hisui’s Arcanine, Overqwil or Sneasler in the process. .

In Raid Battles, you’ll also encounter Pokemon like Unown, Chansey, Togetic, Mega Gengar in Mega Raids, and Dialga in five-star Raids. And if you are one of those who do not overlook any challenge, there are a new collection challenge available in which you will have to capture practically all the Pokémon that have a greater presence in the wild.

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As to temporary bonuses that have been set, friendship levels will increase faster than normal, which is a good time to tell friends to open gifts you send them. Especially since during the event you can store 30 gifts, open 45 a day and send 150 on the same day.

On the other hand, at the Pokéstops you may get Hisui’s Growlithe, Arcanine or Braviary stickers, although the most important thing is new field research tasks that have been temporarily enabled, so that you can have the opportunity to get hold of certain special Pokémon. Here are all the details:



Fight in a Raid

  • Meeting with Mantine
  • Encounter with Remoraid

Win a Raid

Encounter with Shinx

Hatch an Egg

Meeting with Sneasel

Catch 10 Pokémon

  • Encounter with Magnemite
  • Meeting with Psyduck

Use 5 Berries to help you catch Pokemon

  • Encounter with Cyndaquil
  • Meeting with Oshawott
  • Meeting with Rowlet

Send 3 Gifts with a sticker equipped each

  • Meeting with Clefairy
  • Meeting with Petilil

Send 5 Gifts with a sticker equipped each

Meeting with Burmy

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