After insisting for months, the Evolve community gets 2K to bring the servers back to life several years later

Back in 2014, Evolve made a big noise in the industry, as it was a new project by Turtle Rock, creators of the unforgettable Left 4 Dead. However, the proposal for a asymmetric multiplayer shooter it didn’t finish curdling.

It was decided to make the leap to a free format, change the name to Evolve Stage 2 and increase the number of updates. However, the fate of the work was written, with the closure of its servers taking place in September 2018. Now, the possibility of playing with friends has been resurrected thanks to the community.

No one will mourn the farewell to Evolve, a game ahead of its time battered by its own greed

During this time, players have remained playing on P2P servers, but 2K has heard the incessant request for a Discord server formed by more than 10,000 followers of the work. After sending mass emails, it is now possible to participate in matchmaking and collect the loot boxes that had also disappeared.

The truth is evolve has peaks of up to 1,000 players on the Valve platform, according to Steam DB. In fact, on Twitch it is achieving records close to 30,000 viewers, proving that the game is far from dead.

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