There’s a Dragon Ball Character That’s Even Scarier Than Marvel’s Hulk

It seems that the “Hulk Lawyer” is not unique…

There's a Dragon Ball Character That's Even Scarier Than Marvel's Hulk 07/28/2022 03:00

We know that Akira Toriyama started writing his famous franchise as a comedy inspired by his previous hit, Dr. Slump. While Marvel Comics’ Hulk is an absolute powerhouse capable of untold destruction, Dragon Ball’s version of the character is much scarier (and, a little more interesting).

This funny version of the Hulk appears in the manga chapter 26 From Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, readers meet a woman named Lunch who was being chased by the police after committing a series of robberies. At the time, Krillin and Goku were helping Master Roshi by flying around the world to find a girlfriend when they saw the chase and decided to take action. Before the police could track her down, Goku and Krillin took Lunch away and took her to Roshi’s Island, where she would be safe and hopefully find Roshi desirable (not the smartest idea of ​​a lecherous old man). Nevertheless, Little did the heroes-in-training know that Lunch had a violent alter ego that took over her body every time she sneezed. releasing all its power.

dragon ball hulk marvel

Lunch from the classic Dragon Ball series might just be the funniest Hulk reference from the Marvel Universe.

Just as Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk when he’s angry, Lunch turns into a furious warrior when he sneezes.. Her original form is that of a blue-haired woman who is pure at heart and eager to help anyone in need. However, when Lunch sneezes, she transforms into a blonde woman who is prone to extreme acts of violence and criminal activity for the sheer pleasure of it. This version might not be able to beat the Gamma-infused warrior, but it’s certainly more comical.

While the Hulk is far more physically imposing than Lunch’s dark alter egoLunch is much scarier than the Hulk for several reasons. First of all, the Hulk is obvious because he looks like a giant monster, so when someone sees him from a distance, he knows that he should go the other way. Lunch, on the other hand, seems completely normal until he starts wreaking havoc and becomes an unstoppable force of destruction. Not only is Lunch’s look more subtle, but she’s also inherently evil, while the Hulk, deep down, is actually a good man, which makes her that much more dangerous.

The Hulk may lose control from time to time, but at his heart he is a hero who wants to save those who might be in danger. Lunch, however, wants nothing more than anarchy and destruction., when she is in her blonde form and becomes almost unbeatable when she decides to become a mistress of chaos. So while Lunch and the Hulk share a number of similarities, the Dragon Ball version is much scarier than Marvel’s.

Dragon Ball’s version of Hulk is a bit more menacing and fun than Marvel’s

Within the Marvel Universe, there are few heroes more threatening than the Hulk in terms of sheer strength and fear-inducing power, but in-universe Dragon Ball, Hulk would be a welcome replacement, either because of his way of being or his imposing strength and energy. ‘Hulk’ is even scarier than Marvel’s.

Marvel Has Revealed The Hulk's Most Powerful And Fearsome Form

Marvel has presented the Hulk in various forms, some of them being the strongest in the Marvel Universe.

Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, has the ability to transform into a raging monster of unlimited strength whenever he gets angry or stressed. Banner gained this power after being exposed to large amounts of gamma radiation that mutated his cells and turned him into a walking time bomb with destructive capabilities that exceed that of a nuclear blast. However, as time passes, Banner learns to control his Hulk power and begins the process of peaceful coexistence with the monster inside his head. Eventually, Banner became confident enough in his control over the Hulk to become a valuable member of the Avengers and actually do some good with his cursed power. However, this is not something that cannot be said for the Dragon Ball version..

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