Marvel puts The Punisher in the spotlight

The Marvel Universe wants to claim their reward and get Frank Castle’s head.

Marvel puts The Punisher in the spotlight 07/28/2022 04:00

The marvel universe has put a bounty on the head of The Punisher and everyone seems to have had their eye on him. Much of the characters in the House of Ideas they want to claim the prize, but it is not yet known who might be trying to kill him.

The Marvel Universe wants to claim their bounty and get Frank Castle’s head

In some of the October previews that were posted by Marvela new story was released Frank Castle as a one-shot that will be titled Punisher War Journal: Brother #1. Those in charge of making the story are Torunn Grønbekk and Rafael Pimentel and his story seems very similar to dead pool kill marvel universe only in this case the real goal is The Punisher. This is the official published synopsis:

Marvel puts The Punisher in the spotlight

Lady Bullseye failure. Lord Deathstrike failure. All the assassins sent to kill Frank fail to kill him and fail his mission. Leaders of criminal gangs, heads of terrorist organizations and even some corrupt governments will come together to solve the problem of Frank Castle once and for all. Sharing information, resources and money, the criminal associations sign a contract to kill Frank. The news spreads across the globe and everyone knows that the price of the head of The Punisher worth 500 million dollars. A member from your past will spring into action looking for more than just money.

The new comic series starring punisher It started in March of this year. The series has taken the character of Frank Castle in a new and very clever direction, as he has become the leader of the Hand, an organization he always felt disgust and hatred for. In exchange for becoming the leader of this criminal organization, the wife of Frank, Maria, long dead, risen. However, Maria has begun to realize that something is not right as she knows that her children are not there and she is only allowed to stay in certain areas.

Punisher Logo

The Punisher is known for a skull.

Punisher War Journal: Brother #1 It will be available on October 12.

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