zapas, lying on the barrier and more realism

One more year we are ready for the ball to start rolling as soon as possible. FIFA 23 is getting closer every day and now EA has been in charge of offering us with an extensive video the main novelties that await us in this edition. For example, now Hyper Motion 2 is the evolution of the motion capture system and will deliver even more realistic results.

Thanks to its automatic learning algorithm, matches have been held at the La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza, where the players have been filmed using Xsens technology. As always, the goal is to achieve the highest degree of realism possible and this time they have chosen to use two professional teams.

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For the first time, a women’s team has been part of these tests and it has been achieved that the limbs of the players react to the impact with the ball. On the other hand, the goal nets are made entirely in 3D, so they will move every time the ball hits or a player makes contact.

In addition, star players have been given specific running styles, thanks to more than 500 animations, new left-handed dribbles and more chants for the fans that await us. A new mechanic called Zapatazo has been introduced, which is a powerful shot that requires our ability to direct the ball.

It is possible to nail a great goal in this way, but it will be essential to have space to execute the action and the action will take longer to perform. In the own area, the possibility of lying down on the barrier to avoid low goals has been added and with motion capture we can make cuts, tackles and clearances with the heel.

All in all, these news are aimed at PS5, Xbox Series, Stadia and PC. Yes, the jump has finally been made to the version that we can play on the computer, which will make the most of the advantages of the game. the launch of FIFA 23 It is scheduled for all platforms on September 30.

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