The Avengers Say Who Is The Worst Marvel Villain

Marvel’s largest group recognizes what is the worst enemy they have faced.

The Avengers Say Who Is The Worst Marvel Villain 07/27/2022 20:00

There are many villains who have terrorized the universe throughout time, but some are on a much higher scale of power and can be deadly even for the mightiest heroes of the universe. Land. There are many conditions that limit these characters and it is very difficult to know which of all of them is the most dangerous. Now, the avengers They have solved this question.

Marvel’s largest group recognizes which is the worst enemy they have faced

While it is true that Magneto was conceived from his debut as one of the worst villains found within the marvel universe and that he managed to scare a large number of mutants, there is a villain much worse than him since they actually fought against a villain they believed to be even more dangerous.

The Avengers Say Who Is The Worst Marvel Villain

Erik Magnus Lehnsherralso known as Magneto, made his debut in the first issue of the X Men and he was introduced as a lone mutant extremist who fought to cripple humanity and allow mutants a chance at power. As the stories progressed, it was revealed that Magneto had his own team of fearsome villains and to the surprise of all the characters in quicksilver Y Scarlet Witch They were part of that sinister group. After working with him for years and after some discrepancies, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver They decided it was time to part ways. magnet and pursue their dream of being heroes instead of the villainous role they were forced to play for years. Then, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff they joined the Avengers.

Within this context, Avengers #17which was made by Stan Lee and Don Heckthe Avengers searched Hulk because they wanted him to rejoin the group after the sudden departure of some of its founding members like Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Wasp. Nonetheless, the Avengers still had deadly force and hoped that Hulk He fulfilled that role perfectly. So, the Avengers followed the trail of Hulk to the middle of the desert, where they were captured by none other than the Mole Man.

The Avengers Say Who Is The Worst Marvel Villain

Falling into the trap of this curious villain, he managed to finish off the avengers in a fairly simple way since it separated the Avengers by taking quicksilver into an isolated chamber in an effort to steal his impressive speed while leaving the other heroes to be killed by his minotaur. It was there that the heroes came to an important agreement that even the smallest villains can be the most dangerous.

The Mole Man is not a very important character within the prominent universe of marvel comics like Magneto, especially when comparing the two as villains, so the fact that a Avenger consider him more of a villain than he turns out to be quite revealing and strange. Also, he does not have true superhuman abilities. In reality, he is an extraordinary genius, with a knowledge of technology that goes centuries beyond conventional science. He was able to master alien principles of technology totally alien to his culture and environment.

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While it was meant to be insulting, the fact that quicksilver believed that Mole Man exhibited traits of an exaggerated villain even more than Magneto shows the limits he has. While it is true that it can be categorized that Magneto may have been a more serious threat than this minor villain, since his plans were acts that were based on terrorism, the Mole Man he managed to frighten the heroes much more. The Mole Man he was actually a former scientist who was turned into a villain. He is actually a recurring enemy that appeared in the main comic series starring fantastic four.

Their plans generally consist of trying to rule the surface of the Land with the help of his toroidssubterranean hybrids, which are the result of the mixture between moles and human beings that he himself governs, later The Mole Man joined the Sinister Six to fight with spider-man. The character first appeared in The Fantastic Four #1 published in November 1961. It was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.


Magneto is the main villain of the X-Men.

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