take a slimy drug to fight a mutant forest

Of course, you have to be very careful with what substances, but in serum We will have no choice but to consume one to survive. Game Island is developing a title that aims to put us on the ropes while we try to survive in an inhospitable world.

The work launches us into the middle of a mysterious forest covered by a green, viscous substance that has caused terrible mutations in the flora and fauna. We don’t have the slightest idea of ​​what has happened to us, but we will have to inject ourselves with the liquid to gain skills that will help us against all kinds of threats.

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They point from the Polish team in gamestar that it will be essential to consume it to survive, although “it can kill you if you are not careful with it“. We will find all kinds of bases and shelters where we can get hold of new technology to build improved equipment. Add to this the fact that “players can also use greenhouses to grow new serums specific to their biome.”

Thanks to this we will be able to make combinations that will grant us incredible powers. Ranged, melee, thrown or serum-enhanced weapons will be common in our inventory, although we will have to hit the coconut to solve different puzzles.

Obviously, the ultimate goal will be to reveal what the hell is going on. serum is scheduled to launch for late 2023 on Steam and it will do so using Unreal Engine 5 as the graphics engine.

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