The Ghost in the Shell universe is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile with its Season 7: New Vision City

Activision has revealed a very interesting novelty related to Call of Duty: Mobile and that will affect its Season 7, called New Vision Citysince the title for mobile devices will make a special collaboration with Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045the Netflix series.

So players can join Motoko Kusanagi to defeat the posthumans. What’s more, it will even be possible to put yourself in his cybernetic skin or in Batou’s to travel with any of them a new region of the Isolated map. In this way, killing enemies will serve to improve the operator and obtain special rewards from this series of Ghost in the Shell.

This has been the passage of Ghost in the Shell through video games

This will lead everyone to face a threat never seen before, something that will happen from August 4. From that day on, a battle pass will be activated with 50 new levels of rewards, among which there will be a few free items for everyone and others only for those who get the premium version.

For example, the prizes will include new weapons such as the Switchblade x9, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms and much more. An additional incentive to enter the new futuristic cyber city inspired by the animated series. In addition, the new Season will be accompanied by new challenges, lucky draws and many other new features that will be implemented little by little.

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