Ryokugyu finally shows his fighting skills in One Piece

This article will contain a couple of spoilers.

Admiral Ryokugyu finally shows his fighting skills in One Piece 07/26/2022 03:00

Finally, Eiichiro Oda’s work has returned from its hiatus and, as he had announced, it seems that the final phase of this franchise has finally begun. Before continuing, it should be noted that this article will contain spoilers about One Piece Chapter 1054. which was released on Thursday for most international readers, bringing with it a very exciting chapter. While the issue is officially released on sunday july 24there were fans who unofficially read it to find important information from Shanks and Ryokugyu that marks the unofficial beginning of the series’ approach to its final saga.

This One Piece Chapter 1054 mainly features three different parts in three different locations, each providing important information for upcoming issues and conflicts. The story begins with your perspective set squarely within the Flower Capital, where the citizens are still celebrating Kaido’s defeat and the country’s liberation. This quickly switches cameras to Ryokugyu, who approaches Capital City while stating that the ability to influence others is something that is rarely seen (likely referencing Luffy). For the first time, we are about to witness the power of the mysterious admiral.

one piece 1054 ryokugyu

Ryokugyu finally shows his full power in One Piece chapter 1054.

He suddenly stops due to facing the Akazaya members, which are Raizou, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Shinobu, Denjiro, and Kawamatsu. Ryokugyu tells them to leave while they can, and the samurai recognizes him as a marine and one of Luffy’s enemies. Ryokugyu essentially replies that the Heavenly Dragons and the World Government rule the outside world., saying that Wano has no position since he is separated from the two groups. He then uses a move called Flexing Forest Muscle, covering the entire area of ​​a huge forest that rises from his body. This explains the power behind his Devil Fruit, the Logia Forest-Forest Fruit type.

Then he shows us the completely opposite philosophy to that of Luffy and company, he states that humanity only advanced as much as it did by imposing hierarchies, saying putting unaffiliated nations like Wano in their place keeps life going. He ends by mentioning that prejudice breeds stability and no law would be broken if he killed them all there. He then says that he will take the lives of thousands of Wano citizens if it means getting Monkey D. Luffy’s head.

Yamato fights Ryokugyu in One Piece 1054 for the first time.

Yamato then suddenly arrives on the battlefield and hits Ryokugyu’s head with Conqueror’s Haki, to which the Admiral applauds, seeming to appreciate the fallen son’s true power. He says that the citizens here went through 20 years of tyranny and he won’t let this admiral ruin his celebration of freedom. Finally, introduces himself as Yamato, Kaido’s sonwhich surprises the admiral.

In a surprising move, One Piece Chapter 1054 shows Momonosuke himself entering the battle in the form of a dragon, emphasizing Yamato’s words and adding that they won’t let him touch their heroes. He then tries to use a Blast Breath but sadly (and comically) can’t do it. Even more amusing is his serious face after him, which he quickly takes advantage of to rush Ryokugyu and bite him.

one piece 1054 ryokugyu yamato

Yamato comes face to face with Ryokugyu, the mysterious navy admiral, in One Piece chapter 1054.

Interestingly, the Admiral seems to have become some sort of giant plant creature here, likely augmenting his body through his Logia powers. Momonosuke, still biting the Admiral, says he will not allow anyone to bring “dread and terror” to his people againthese words reaffirm the new role that this samurai will have.

Ryokugyu then comments on how strange a pink dragon is, saying that it’s the first time he’s heard of this ability. He then begins to strangle the young shogun at various points on his body by wrapping him in branches, causing Yamato and the others to try to help. Nevertheless, tells them to stay out of it for an unknown reason as One Piece Chapter 1054 changes perspective. It seems that soon we will see the final combat that shows us the full potential of the admiral.

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