Disney Dreamlight Valley aims to become our next well of hours with its new gameplay

Video games like Animal Crossing are capable of making us stay glued to the screen of our console for hundreds of hours watching our town evolve, a proposal that Gameloft has set with Disney Dreamlight Valley, a life simulator that completely captured our attention from the first moment it was announced.

The game has now been seen in a gameplay that reviews the most important points of this adventure designed for all types of players who have grown up with Disney and Pixar series and movies. This way we can design our own neighborhood in which we will share a home with Mickey, the characters from toy story, The Lion Kingetc.

The story of how Disney manipulated the development of The Lion King for Megadrive and SNES to make a game as difficult as possible

It is said that everyone lived in harmony until oblivion occurred, a phenomenon that has caused this world to no longer look as magical as before, so our mission will be to carry out missions to return the place to normal. Meanwhile, we will be able to carry out everyday tasks so that the neighborhoods come to life.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

So you can cook dishes with Remy from Ratatouillededicate ourselves to gardening with wall e or fish in the company of Goofy. In addition, little by little we will obtain materials to make furniture and thus decorate our own home as we wish, with themed items from the different Disney universesas will happen with the garments of our avatar.

Disney Dreamlight Valley promises to be a game in constant evolution in which each one will be able to unleash their creativity until they achieve the perfect world. Its release is expected in september 6 in the form of early access for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC and also through Xbox Game Pass.

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