Xbox Series X / S will reduce your boot time to five seconds (or less) and help you reduce your electricity bill

One of the great advantages of Xbox as a console is the constant implementation of small big changes that establish a great difference when added to the user. The next one is to reduce the boot time of the console to almost a seen and not seen. A small miracle of the new generation consoles that is born from two milestones: optimizing the software taking advantage of the hardware and crop the splash animation.

Since last Friday, July 22, users of the Xbox Insider program, who receive the next firmware versions of the consoles in development in advance to test the changes and new features, have noticed that the boot time of the console dropped from the usual nine seconds to about four seconds. Something that was confirmed by Josh Munsee of Microsoft.

To what extent do you notice those five seconds of difference? Well, the following comparison of Tom Warren, from Verge, is quite illustrative: in the waiting time for the interface to load in the current version, you could already be playing your favorite game. Or your next Game Pass obsession, if you prefer.

Microsoft is speeding up the Xbox Series X / S boot time. Around 5 seconds have been shaved off, and the changes are coming in an update soon. Details here:

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) July 25, 2022

A step in the right direction that adds to other milestones such as Quick Resume, FPS Boost or cloud gaming from console without downloads or updates, exceptionally simplifying our way of accessing video games through consoles. Microsoft’s new generation. Now this change will not be activated by default, and that will have a very interesting impact on electricity consumption from Xbox.

A small big change that will help you reduce your electricity bill

As we mentioned, part of this trick is to offer a shorter startup animation, which helps, but the reality is that there is more work behind it to achieve this optimization of resources

In fact, as indicated in TheVerge, In order to benefit from this instant start on Xbox Series X / S we must have the console set to mode Energy saving instead of in Sleep mode. Which makes a lot of sense: consoles that are in sleep don’t shut down completely and boot up faster. Seen from another perspective, it also implies an interesting twist regarding the electricity consumption of the console.

One of the reasons why Xboxes are left in sleep mode -or any console- is, precisely, not to have to start them. There is more, of course, such as allowing automatic updates or remote downloads, but leaving them in Energy Saving mode not only measures much more electricity consumption, but also the machine is turned off.

Do I have to completely disconnect PC and consoles?  This is your consumption in standby and the annual cost according to today's electricity price

Reduced boot time drastically reduces the difference between the two modes when it comes to powering up the console and, by extension, It greatly facilitates users to bet on a saving mode which will be more efficient at all levels. From here it is time to weigh the consumption of each one: someone who marathons daily games in Savings mode will consume more than someone who plays very occasionally in rest mode, logically.

When will it come to all consoles? Basically, when you’re ready.

The Xbox Insider program evaluates the future news of Microsoft consoles, but only implements them to all users when they have been properly tested and verified that they do not generate conflict. In addition to the reduced load times we can expect other improvements, so it is not clear when the update will arrive. whenever, We will welcome you with open arms.

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