This terrifying Steam video game will give you your money back if you are able to get out of its maze alive within a time limit

Among the thousands and thousands of games that exist on Steam we can find proposals of all kinds, but without a doubt that of Refund Me If You Can It is one of the most curious that are for sale, since it plays with one of the functions of Valve’s own store, such as the refund of money.

To put you in a situation, this horror title plunges us into a labyrinth that is made up of more than 100 different paths and we must find the correct route to get out of this place safe and sound. However, the real challenge is that time will play against us if we want our money back.

One of Steam’s features is that if you play a game for less than two hours, you can request a refund. For this reason, Sungame Studio, those responsible for this proposal, encourage everyone to get out of the maze in less than two hours if they want a refundhence the name of the title.

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To make things more complicated for us, the sinister setting and a monster that will chase us everywhere will make our task not so easy. All this while the stopwatch starts from the moment we start moving, which will also generate enormous pressure, because after two hours the time will be blocked.

In the description of Refund Me If You Can indicates that let’s not stay more than 45 seconds in the same position, which suggests that it may be what causes the monster to catch us. Be that as it may, if you dare to face this challenge you have it available for €3.99.

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