this original Avenger hates Spider-Man and you may not have known it

The reasons for the Wasp’s contempt for Spider-Man are ridiculous.

Marvel: This Original Avenger Hates Spider-Man And You May Not Know It 07/25/2022 01:00

Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel franchise., so many fans have adopted it as one of their favorites. Of course, the praise for the arachnid hero has his reasons, since he has managed to grow a lot as a superhero after joining the Avengers. But, regarding the latter, at first it was not well received by its members, due to internal conflicts, especially for a specific hero who has their respective reservations towards the character and who, in fact, caused one of the conflicts. Marvel’s most nonsensical.


Spider-Man’s inclusion in the Avengers

To get into context, Spider-Man became an official member of the Avengers in New Avengers #3. (conducted by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch); But in order for this to happen officially, the arachnid hero first had to go through a series of tests. Later, in Avengers #263 (by Roger Stern and Al Milgrom), Spider-Man took a test once he learned that the Avengers paid $1,000 a week, something the hero had never gotten in recognition of the acts. heroic of him.

In this sense, despite the fact that the character had not definitively consolidated his position, Spider-Man made a few appearances in later Avengers comics, being an “occasional ally” of sorts.. For that reason, he earned his place as a “reserve member” in Avengers #329 (run by Larry Hama and Paul Ryan), but unfortunately, he still couldn’t get the full-time position he was looking for in Avengers #329. the Avengers up to that point. In fact, the hero had been considered to be part of them long before he went his own way. The decision was almost unanimous, except for the Wasp, who seemed to dislike its inclusion..

Later in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3 (Stan Lee and John Romita number), Finally, the Avengers have a genuine interest in Spider-Man being part of their they ask him to take a test for it – even though the other heroes’ knowledge of the spider hero was limited, save for his heroic nature and deeds.

Initially, motivated by the events of the past and his excitement at belonging to such a prestigious team, Spider-Man accepted the Avengers’ invitation, though he almost immediately backed down.considering that it was not the right time for him and that he would work better alone. This news seemed to cheer Janet van Dyne, known as the Wasp. Especially since in a pre-invite scene, the members voted to include him, to which Janet quickly countered, “I vote no! I hate anything to do with spiders.”


The Wasp has… a phobia of spiders?

But why doesn’t the Wasp want anything to do with the superhero? The reason is quite simple. Janet’s contempt for Spider-Man is uniquely associated with spiders. She proved it not only in this issue, but every time in Marvel Comics she’s let it be known – even before the hero was invited to join the Avengers. For example, in Avengers #11 (by Don Heck and Stan Lee), Kang the Conqueror created a fake robot in the form of Spider-Man in order to infiltrate the Avengers. The villain programmed the robot to approach them and ask for an alliance, and the Wasp’s response was exactly the same as with the real hero in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3. His only reason for not wanting Spider-Man on his team is because he hates spiders..

This means that his refusal is not linked to any event that has led to a confrontation or difference of ideals, but that he simply does not like arthropods and that is what Spider-Man represents, despite the fact that he is not really a spider. spider as such.

Lastly, the contempt that the Wasp shows towards Spider-Masn could be considered somewhat hypocritical, since her superheroine alter ego is based on a bug that is also not fully accepted by society and has never heard a complaint or criticism for it. part of his fellow Avengers. So for her to object to the inclusion of an incredibly skilled hero like Spider-Man in a great team like the Avengers is pretty absurd.

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