these are the four best multiplayer weapons that also succeed in Warzone

Warzone looks like the only active Call of Duty multiplayer, but this is not entirely true. Call of Duty Vanguard features active multiplayer and has one of the most legendary arsenals in video games: classic weapons from World War II. Then I tell you which are the eight best.


This assault rifle boasts best-in-class damage, a high rate of fire, and a magazine that allows you to take out multiple enemies without reloading. The negative part is that it has a bit of recoil and that its effective range loses at long distances, but it can be improved with the indicated accessories.

Vanguard Stg Weapons

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The effectiveness of STG44 it’s so good that it has transcended Vanguard multiplayer and is among the most used Assault Rifles in Warzone. You do not have to do anything special to unlock it because it is available from the first bars of the progress.


The MP-40 submachine gun is a legendary weapon in and out of video games. Cinema and series have made it the most recognizable weapon of the Germans during World War II.

Weapons Vanguard Mp40

In Vanguard, it quickly became the weapon of choice for many players, so much so that it transcended war zone and it is currently one of the most used weapons. He is at the top in both multiplayer modes.

Why is this happening? Its rate of fire is respectable, the recoil is almost non-existent and its easy handling means that any user can handle it efficiently. The MP-40 it is a beast at short and medium distances. And best of all, it’s available right from the start.


the assault rifle BAR It is another of the weapons that the film and series industry have made known, in this case in the hands of the Americans during World War II. In Vanguard it is one of the strongest weapons in multiplayer, so much so that it transcended Warzone and became the main weapon in the meta for a while.

Weapons Vanguard Bar

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It is not the assault rifle with the highest damage and its accuracy drops greatly when firing on the move. However, its cadence, stopping accuracy and handling make it ideal. Throughout its history it has received several swings with updates. In both Warzone and Vanguard it is still a reliable weapon.

Unlocks at multiplayer level 25.


This sniper rifle is probably one of the most famous long-range weapons today. He appeared in the movie Saving Private Ryan (and many others), in other Call of Duty installments like World of War, and in other titles like PUBG. In Vanguard it didn’t take long for him to become one of the most used snipers.

Vanguard Kar Weapons

It has a great maximum damage and is customizable to play both aggressively and at long distances. It bolts very fast, giving it a very respectable rate of fire. Obviously, it didn’t take long for him to become one of Warzone’s favorite snipers. He is unlocked upon reaching level 43.

Other powerful weapons in Vanguard multiplayer (not successful in Warzone):

  • combat shotgun: Unlocked at level 14. This auto shotgun allows you to fire an entire magazine without cocking the weapon between shots.
  • Volkssturmgewehr: Unlocked upon reaching level 55.
  • TYPE100: Unlocked upon reaching level 39.
  • MG42: Available from the beginning.

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