Jujutsu Kaisen brings back a villain who can match Maki’s power

An epic battle is coming between these two manga characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen brings back a villain who can match Maki's power 07/24/2022 12:45

The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is booming, since during these months we have been able to see how its world has been expanding with a movie that has been a success at the same time that the manga is getting more and more, giving rise to that throughout these years it has been possible to see that the world of Cursed Energy is making a bigger and bigger hole in the world of anime and sleeve.

Under this same premise, it has been possible to see over time that many characters have passed through the manga, which already exceeds 190 chapters, so that, for obvious reasons, some have stopped appearing due to his departure, death or any other circumstance. However, it seems that the most recent chapter tease the return of a villain.

Naoya Zenin would return to finish the job with Maki Zenin

Main characters of jujutsu kaisen

Shamans are looking for curses in Jujutsu Kaisen

In this way, knowing that Maki Zenin is one of the most powerful non-sorceresses in manga, it should be noted that her life has turned around with Naoya Zenin’s return during the Culling Gamebeing so that this ally of the protagonists should face this villain, whose objective is Finish with her.

It should be noted that Naoya died in past issues after, after being wounded in a battle, he was attacked by Maki Zenin’s mother. In this way, his return in chapter 191 marks a new battle between these two characters, as it has been seen that Naoya has returned transformed into a worm fallen from the sky, this being an analogy to the psyche of the character in view of the fact that he seeks by all means to be the most powerful of the sorcerers. However, his goal now is avenge his death by killing Maki.

For all that has been said, we will have to see which is the outcome of this battlesince although there are all kinds of sorcerers within Jujutsu Kaisen, Maki and Naoya are very evenly matched in power levelsso the next chapters can be key in order to resolve which of the two will win.

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