how to unlock Summer Squads event rewards

Over the past few weeks it has become clear that Fall Guys has stepped up its game when it comes to offering all kinds of news and ways to pass the time, especially with its temporary challenges. During these days you can participate in the Summer Squads eventto which we have dedicated the following guide to show you how to get all your rewards.

How to unlock Summer Squads event rewards

In the list of shows you will find these days one called Squad Celebration, in which you will have to participate if you want to carry out some of the challenges that are part of this temporary event. Of course, you will have to do your best, because some missions will require you to win tests or even win the show.

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For each of the tasks that you successfully complete, you will receive a total of 100 points, so be very careful about the objectives that you will have to accomplish, because some of them will require you to carry out a series of very specific tasks, such as keeping a queue for a certain time or stay in the air for several seconds.



Qualify 3 times in Team Rounds at Any Show

100 points

Hold a queue for 15 seconds in Squad Celebration

100 points

Stay on the air for a total of 60 seconds in any show

100 points

Qualify 3 times in the first round of Squad Celebration

100 points

Reach the final round 6 times in Squad Celebration

100 points

Win 3 Squad Celebrations

100 points

The points will help you redeem them for each of the different rewards. If you want to take them all, you will need to complete the six missions previously indicated, which will allow you to get a costume like the one that appears in the image that you have accompanying this guide.




Points Needed

Fun in the sun!



100 points

Commendations x200



200 points

summer squads

Identification plate


400 points

citrus dip



500 points

striped bag

Disguise (lower)


600 points

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