Hot Wheels is the first game that finally encourages me to take turns crashing into walls

The LEGO expansion of the previous installment could be confusing, but in fact 6 years ago Hot Wheels arrived in the saga of Playground Games. Now, with the new Forza Horizon 5 expansion, orange tracks, loops, and hot rods are back.

The first of two expansions coming to ForzaHorizon 5 It is not a minor addition, in fact it almost delivers another game, but that does not necessarily mean that all fans of racing in Mexico will like it. The new map and new cars also bring a new way of driving.

A new way to drive

Maybe what I miss the most Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels be the toy franchise itself. On the one hand, its history borders on advertising on more than one occasion. I appreciate the curiosities and I recognize that I did not know the history behind the toy cars, but it treads some line that I would have preferred to avoid.

On the other hand, its orange tracks are not only the main addition to this DLC, they are also a paradigm shift regarding the way of playing. What in Mexico was total freedom, here are labyrinthine routes that the fan of exploration and cross country can be something claustrophobic.

The reward for that lack is in a free fast trip that can take you to any race instantly -little do we remember the advance in loading times of this generation-, but also fast-paced tracks in which the only thing that matters is running . Perhaps that is why its brief introduction and the final stretch with supercars what you end up enjoying the most.

When the game asks for hairpin turns, and there are a lot more than you might expect, the new plastic track physics make it very difficult to adjust to the required speed. Even the throttle and brake guide that tells you how to corner is wrong to tell you that you should start braking much later than you should.

ForzaHorizon 5

Between that and how easy it is for the car to spin out of control on hard acceleration, I ended up playing as if I were doing it on a real track. Hot Wheelsstamping me against the curves carefully rounded so that it is more profitable to crash than to lose speed with the brake.

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Very spectacular, but not always as fun

They take away the exploration, they change the way you drive, but in any case the orange tracks are there for you to enjoy the speed, and there they have been very successful. In a spectacular setting with three very well differentiated areas, you will go from a vertiginous fall in a volcano typical of a roller coaster, to a water slide in which the skids in the curves come out on their own.

Thanks to the magnetic tracks, and additions like bumps, turbos and ice zones, jumping from one type of track to another is almost constant, so it never gets tiresome to take one more race. It’s a joy when you play one of those tracks that mixes the jumps with the loops and then takes you before the jaws of a dragon.

ForzaHorizon 5

I have a better memory of the dinosaur from the previous expansion, but in any case it’s still a great feature of Hot Wheels without the necessary presence. The shark that bites the track, the monkey that drops a truck full of cars… There is room for some jumps that could be much more spectacular.

The mission structure is very clear, there are a lot of pieces for the creative mode, challenges waiting to be unlocked to achieve new cars and cosmeticsand the always juicy challenge of completing all the stars of each challenge and race.

If getting over it can take you a couple of afternoons, going all out can stretch the gum for a handful more hours, but approach it keeping in mind that it’s not the same ForzaHorizon that you just played Those of you who don’t own a special edition or season pass can get this expansion for €19.99 on the Xbox Store. 17.99 euros if you are a member of GamePass.

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