An Overwatch player demonstrates why you can’t trust Mercy

Mercy might seem friendly as she sets up a trap for her opponents, an Overwatch match shows.

An Overwatch player demonstrates why you can't trust Mercy 07/24/2022 21:00

Blizzard has gone to great lengths to show its fans that the next installment of Overwatch has a lot to offer compared to its predecessor, especially since the company plans to replace the first title.

And in this test of improving the multiplayer shooting experience, Blizzard made the second beta of Overwatch 2 available to fans, so they could evaluate the game. And, although it had its strengths and weaknesses as in everything, fans of the shooter are excited to know what will happen once the final version reaches their consoles.


Overwatch 2 will replace the original title

As Overwatch fans await news of multiplayer, the arrival of the next beta, and Blizzard reveals the identity of the new hero he referenced with a cryptic message at the end, they have the option to go back to the original game to discover more. game possibilities and make the most of it before the franchise scraps it entirely and replaces it with its free-to-play sequel on October 4 this year.

The latter means that the original Overwatch will be gone on launch day, due to Overwatch 2 overwriting it. On the one hand, fans are happy that the game is evolving since the graphics of the second title are better than ever and the heroes have received their updates -although some are controversial, such as Mercy’s uncontrollable abilities-; but, on the other, they are also nostalgic at the idea of ​​the memories and memorable moments that Overwatch brought with it and consider that its disappearance is not exactly the best decision, considering that, despite the fact that Overwatch 2 has become so innovative, the first title also had its own.

In addition, many fans are likely overwhelmed to try a new experience with the shooter gameplay, but with the desire to continue fighting with their favorite heroes from the original Overwatch. However, they have had enough time to resign themselves to the fact that this will happen and some of them have shared the most epic and emotional moments during the games on networks.

A pretty clever Mercy ambush

A Reddit user known as SuperMageFromOWshared a video showing how fun Mercy’s plays can be and that, of course, they teach other players that it is not possible to fully trust the healer.

In the recent video, Echo and Brigitte manage to corner the enemy team’s Mercy on the Temple of Anubis map, -a location that will no longer be available in Overwatch 2, by the way-. Once the overbearing Mercy realizes that she doesn’t stand a chance against Echo and Brigitte, especially since it’s two against one, she makes a peculiar decision: get emotional. Given this, Echo and Briggite respond with their own winks and it seems that the situation has taken an unexpected turn by moving everyone to a situation of kindness.

As you can see, the opposing team’s Mercy starts jumping up and waving at her opponents, and then proceeds to sit down, while Echo and Brigitte carelessly take an Ultimate from the damage hero Hanzo.. Despite the fact that Mercy did not seem to imply a big problem and, on the contrary, acted in a very friendly way, laterally she coordinated with Hanzo -the team’s hero- and set a trap for her enemies, who had to be eliminated after the attack. The video ends as soon as Hanzo’s dragons arrive, so it’s possible that both Brigitte and Echo managed to escape, but the ending isn’t clear enough to understand if Mercy achieved her goal.

As we explained earlier, the Temple of Anubis map in which this funny scene takes place will no longer be available for Overwatch 2 because the new game will completely replace the 2 CP maps. And the reason behind this is that the complaints about the maps have focused on the fact that they represent an imbalance when it comes to combat. So, instead of the familiar 2 CP maps from the original Overwatch, there will be a new game mode called Push, which will cater to Overwatch 2’s 5v5 setupobtaining a positive response from the players.

Meanwhile, shooter fans will have to wait until October 4 to find out if the new Blizzard title will allow them to have moments as fun as the one this player showed.

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