The Looney team is not giving up! Rick & Morty and LeBron James (voiced by Barrett) are coming to MultiVersus

Warner Bros. waste no time: the MultiVersus beta has only been open for a few days and two new fighters have already been announced, which technically count as three: the insane Rick & Morty and the very Lebron James, the NBA superstar. Of course, we will notice the latter’s voice a little differently in the game.

LeBron’s presence is justified in multiverse: The co-star of Space Jam: New Legends has toured the Warner multiverse alongside Bugs Bunny himself, and wearing the Looney team uniform has extra ties to a movie that, after all, was also proposed value house licenses.

Interestingly, the villain of Space Jam: New Legends he proposed to james to make a digital replica of him that would sneak into the Warner multiverses. Seeing that LeBron has finally come into Multi Versus as a fighter alongside Batman, Tom and Jerry or Arya Stark, it’s ironic. Now, the truth is that the NBA star has only lent his image to his character: the word will spread on behalf of John Bentley.


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According to has been confirmed on Twitter, the actor who voiced Barrett from Final Fantasy VII Remake (as well as other animated characters) will play LeBron James in the game. Based on the fact that all the fighters have their original voices from their respective series and movies, we are sure that the change is due to greater reasons.

MultiVersus begins to unfold its roadmap


Multi Versus is a multiplayer, free and multiplatform brawler that brings together all the great stars of DC Comics, Cartoon Network, the Looney Tunes and even Game of Thrones in crazy fights very much in tune with what was seen in Super Smash Bros. Of course, it must be recognized that he knows how to play his cards very well: in addition to an animation style typical of Warner, he has the incentive of offering rollback netcode for online .

The arrival of LeBron James will take place the same July 26 and it will only be the beginning: the next guest stars will be Rick Sanchez and Morty Morty Smith from rick and morty will spearhead the contents of the first season of the game. Seeing what has been seen, anyone can pass the cut.

Meanwhile, the nearly 20 toss wrestlers continue to dish out chuck jones style. And, for good measure, here’s a trailer that reviews the frenetic pace of the games while Harley Quinn and Shaggy display their repertoire of attacks.

Multi Versus bet on the Smash-style fight with a fun, crazy, free and totally multiplatform proposal: we can take our progress to any of the versions of PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S or PC and unlock new characters based on play. As simple as it sounds. Of course, there are also decorative items so as not to get bored in case we want to bet on the season passes or the game currency.

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