Second Son is now free to download on PS4

Sucker Punch made it clear a few days ago that as of today it had no intention of re-developing a new inFamous. That does not mean that the company has remembered the saga and has decided to give away the DLC Cole’s Legacy from inFamous: Second Son, so anyone who owns the PS4 game can free download.

You have it available in playstation store so that you can do with him whenever you want. Of course, it is not just any downloadable content, since it is a very special one that was only originally available to those who pre-ordered the latter inFamous.

Everything that PlayStation Studios has in hand: from its next bombings to its movies, passing through PlayStation VR2

Of course, it is never a bad time to look back and reinstall inFamous: Second Son thanks to this DLC that includes a series of new missions. All of them will serve to narrate the events that took place between this installment and the PS3 inFamous 2, to better understand the connection between the two titles.

Another detail to note is that the missions are carried out by Delsin Rowe and by the way there is a great incentive to carry them out, because it will serve to unlock Cole MacGrath’s jacket, the protagonist of the first two inFamous.

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