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Steam is overflowing with video games, and many of them are free to play. In fact, if we review the lists of the most played on Valve’s video game platform we find that seven of the ten positions are occupied by free-to-play titles. The other three? GTA V, Monster Hunter Rise and, believe it or not, Wallpaper Engine. From there, in Extra Life We are not only going to tell you about the most successful, but we have brought you together the best.

Not one, not two, not ten: we have gathered you almost thirty free video games that you will be able to play on Steam and you will only pay for additional content if you really feel like it. Whether it’s to improve or give an additional touch of style to your hero, unlock new characters, add new sections to the story or for something as simple as believing that the work behind it is worth it.

The best games of 2022 for PC

A selection of games that goes from RPG to strategy, going through the occasional really alternative proposal that deserves a game. Without further ado, below you will find the 27 best free games on Steam: dota 2 a halo-infinitegoing by Fallout Shelter or the favorite card game of Geralt of Rivia himself.


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There are tons of fantasy MMORPGs on Steam, but AlbionOnline offers something very curious: a player-driven economy, so that the buying, selling and trading of equipment and materials is done in markets built by players from collected resources.

Of course, the game is more than that: in addition to offering what is expected from a role-playing and fantasy game, it has a classless combat system and if what we want is to distribute something more than merchandise, it also has its own system of Player versus Player battles.

apex legends

Respawn is crazy about first-person shooters, and apex legends is the best proof of this: the rules of the game are the same as those of any Battle Royale with differences here and there, but its gunplay is impeccable and the games are frenetic and fast-paced. Of course, the secret ingredient of this wonderful recipe lies in characters with charisma and truly groundbreaking skills.


Ubisoft stands up to Super Smash Bros. with a free and totally multiplatform fighting game that is not only very careful in terms of gameplay, but also has countless collaborations and guest fighters as spectacular as they are impossible. Since the street-fighter more cane to The Walking Dead waves Ninja Turtlesgoing through a Rayman who, unfortunately, was left out of the Nintendo crossover.

Century: Age of Ashes

If you were looking for an equivalent to the current Panzer Dragoon we have two good news: it’s called Century: Age of Ashes and it’s free. The premise is based on delivering amazing 6v6 multiplayer team battles on the backs of mighty dragons in epic fantasy environments. If we add to that mostly positive ratings on Steam, how can we not give it the benefit of the doubt?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

With more than two decades behind it and remaining on the crest of the wave when it comes to first-person shooters, Counter-Strike hardly needs an introduction: CS:GO is the quintessential competitive FPS. And beware, that Valve took a turn towards the free-to-play format has not stopped its income.

cross out

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At the price of gasoline, being given the opportunity to participate in motorized battles for free is a double gift. In essence, cross out is a post-apocalyptic action MMO focused on action and combat with customizable vehicles that will challenge both our imagination and our creativity when it comes to wreaking havoc.

Crusader Kings II

What list of PC games is complete without at least a couple of strategy alternatives? Crusader Kings II combines the essence of turn-based games with role-playing elements. And if we get stuck by its formula, there is a real infinity of extra content and expansions to not leave home for years.

destiny 2

As Gallego said in his day, Destiny 2 is that drug that (some) do not want to leave. Bungie has not stopped expanding a very long-term project based on content and ambition. Five years later, the ambitious science fiction shooter is not only played on Steam, but is also positioned as one of the flagship games on Valve’s platform. There must be a reason.

dota 2

The only MOBA capable of rivaling and equaling League of Legends continues to break records on Steam as it expands with new projects set in its universe. That yes, the competitive proposal and the great events of dota 2 they continue to set the chair. Who would have thought that this millionaire game was born from a simple Warcraft III mod?

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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Not only has Bethesda brought the entire Elder Scrolls saga to Steam, but it’s even possible to play classic installments like The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall for free. Of course, for our part we propose a much more modern and alternative bet: The Elder Scrolls: Legends reinterprets the universe in the key of a collectible card game. In 2019 it was announced that it would stop receiving updates, but today it continues to garner positive reviews.


CCP, its creators, describe EVEOnline is the world’s largest space MMO. And they don’t lack reasons or ambition to do so: the gaming community has demonstrated on countless occasions its involvement in turning a video game into its own science fiction universe. Since 2016 it has been played for free and that, in addition, is a gift.

Fallout Shelter

Bethesda had the wit to put out a simple but highly successful free-to-play bunker management game for mobile to promote the launch of Fallout 4. In the process, they surprised us with an absorbing, brilliant and fun experience that is already being played. on all platforms, including Steam or even Tesla cars.

Fire & Maneuver

Available as Early Access, albeit with an expansion based on the United States Civil War Now available, Fire & Maneuver focuses on pleasing the most passionate about history and war games without closing the door to casual gamers.

His games are interesting since, unlike other strategy games, he leaves aside the political and economic elements to focus on battles, which is both a success and a claim in itself.

Fishing Planet

How is it possible that a game about fishing has sneaked into our list? Basically, because Fishing Planet delivers more than it promises thanks to a fish AI system and realistic physics.

A simulator designed to enjoy fishing for entire afternoons and full of content with its own expansions that proposes three types of discipline (floating, spinning and bottom fishing) and all kinds of settings and multiplayer elements.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

CD Projekt RED came up with a huge collectible card game for The Witcher III. So interesting that it asked to have its own space as an independent game, a season system and even its own story mode. If you got hooked on GWENT as Geralt of Rivia, the standalone version of him will fascinate you.

Halo Infinite: Multiplayer

Master Chief is the ultimate Xbox ambassador, but his arrival on PCs, especially Steam, has caused a real stir. With Halo Infinite the thing reached a new level and the best thing is that its competitive multiplayer, the most addictive mode, is absolutely free and you can play it separately and without the campaign.

Lost Ark

Looking for an MMORPG to get lost in? Amazon Games started 2022 strong with Lost Ark and currently the third most played title on Steam, CS:GO and Dota 2 are unbeatable, fighting for that honor every day against apex legends Y PUBG. Seven continents to explore, a deep and customizable combat system and tons of enemies and huge bosses to face. What more could you want from this free behemoth?

path of exile

During years, path of exile It has positioned itself as the free Action RPG and dark fantasy alternative to Diablo. That Blizzard moved in the same direction recently is no coincidence, but Grinding Gear Games’ game is almost a decade ahead. And that shows.


The game that started the Battle Royale phenomenon does not run out of steam, but rather grows in content and ambition. In fact, not only is it much better than when it turned the way of experiencing action and survival in video games upside down, but its opening to the free-to-play model has consolidated it: PUBG it is no longer a passing fad, but a phenomenon designed to become more and more.


There are tons of driving games on Steam, but unfortunately you have to be very selective when choosing free proposals. KW Studios not only has extensive experience in the field of car racing in video games, but since 2013 they have been committed to the idea of ​​Free2Race with RaceRoom through a version that offers five cars and two free tracks, access to all game modes and its own graphics engine that doesn’t look bad at all in game.


runescape is more than one of the veteran sagas when it comes to MMORPGs: it is a complete ferenente. The classic version closed in 2018 after 17 years of adventures and to focus on the ambitious current fantasy project. By then, more than 200 million accounts had already been created.

Its ingredients? A rich and deep Lore, a versatile combat system, a ton of adventures and challenges, and an exceptionally loyal community to share them with with only one barrier left: It is not translated into Spanish.


Action and madness in the key of manganime to wrap a MORPG with more than 100 dungeons. Maybe soulworker small of not offering great innovations compared to other alternatives both in terms of themes and in terms of its proposal of frenetic combats and it is not spoken in Spanish either, but the advantage of being free-to-play works very much in its favor.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic

BioWare and EA developed Star Wars The Old Republic with an inordinate ambition, becoming one of the most expensive video games in history. An overproduction in the key of a science fiction MMORPG that takes us back to the Old Republic and that has not stopped growing in content and strength since its rethinking to the free model.

Team Fortress 2

Long before the world went crazy with Overwatchthe indisputable benchmark in Hero Shooters was Team Fortress 2. A game that, unlike the Blizzard title, has gone further: recently it has even broken records for simultaneous players.


In our list could not miss VRChat, although it is somewhat complicated to explain its proposal: it is not an Oasis of Ready Player One, but it is free and does what is expected of it. Which is not little.

Technically it is a massively multiplayer virtual reality video game (although it can be played without a VR headset) that allows players to create their own worlds and characters or participate in all kinds of activities, mini-games and experiences.


Digital Extremes dresses us in a biometallic suit and launches us into an explosive sci-fi action game adventure that tackles both cannon fire and slashing combat on dry land with parkour techniques, as well as space battles aboard a customizable ship. A blessed madness that shines more and better when played in company.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

We have seen a couple of collectible card games in our list, and the truth is that the saga Yu-Gi-Oh! has been adapted on too many occasions to video games, but what it proposes Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel it’s on another level: it’s exactly the same Duel Monsters game that was sold in stores. If you ever had a deck of cards Yu-Gi-Oh! you have to play it.

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