Is Thanos Carnage’s father? Marvel solves the doubt

A strange theory claims that Carnage is actually the son of Thanos.

Is Thanos Carnage's father?  Marvel solves the doubt 07/20/2022 04:00

Thanos has achieved much popularity after his appearance as the main villain of the films of the UCM. A villain of capital proportions who has fathered many children throughout the galaxy.

A strange theory claims that Carnage is actually the son of Thanos

Most of these children are not significant enough to talk about, except for your son, Thane, who attempted to kill him with the Phoenix Force before being confined for eternity upon his defeat. turns out Thanos has another son much more important than Thane and it is the same symbiote carnivalcreated from the essence of Venom in response to the infamous act of Thanos after its snap.

Is Thanos Carnage's father?  Marvel solves the doubt

In 1991, the famous story of the Infinity Gauntlet orchestrated by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim made Thanos It will take half of all life in the universe. Though Thanos he didn’t need the weapon to wreak havoc throughout, yet it helped him commit one of the most heinous disasters the universe has ever seen. And an evil version of reed richards known as Maker believes that carnival was born due to the event of Thanos.

A theory of Maker in Venom #20 he states that the symbiote’s hive mind is capable of sensing impending disasters and responds by rapidly reproducing, bolstering the symbiote population. Given the Venom he considers himself part of the human hive mind, any threat to Earth is a threat to him. So while Thanos was preparing to wipe out half of the world’s population, carnival was created when Venom instinctively prepared for the worst. carnivalwho has become the latest godslayer of Marvelwas presented to the world in 1992 in Amazing Spider-Man #361.

Is Thanos Carnage's father?  Marvel solves the doubt

Maker’s theory makes it seem possible that the second symbiote child of Thanos is on the way, while avengers preparing for a sequel Infinity Gauntleta threat could make Venom play again. It is such a strange fact that the Mad Titan has a whole family of symbiotes, born out of tragedies that he was more or less the cause of. However, strange as it may be, fans of carnival and their close relatives owe their existence to Thanos.

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