Halo 2 has a practically impossible challenge to overcome, but if you succeed you will win $ 20,000

Much is said that FromSoftware games are among the most complicated that exist in video games, such as Dark Souls or Elden Ring, but YouTuber and streamer Charlie “Cr1tikal” White wanted to make it clear that Halo 2 Anniversary can become one of the most difficult video games in history with the challenge that has occurred to him.

Basically the challenge is to pass this second installment of the saga at its legendary difficulty level and without dying even once. In itself this will make more than one sweat the fat drop, but the thing goes even further, because you also have to activate practically all the modifiers that exist in the title.

These options are obtained by obtaining the skulls that are scattered throughout the campaign, whose effect is to make the game even harder. For example, its effects include making the interface invisible, not having shields until you hit an enemy, or making the Covenant more lethal, to name a few.

The only mod that can’t be activated at any time is one called Envy, which replaces the Master Chief’s flashlight with a cloaking system, which could provide a huge advantage. Even so, its author considers this challenge as the most difficult that exists in any FPS.

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In fact, he himself has tried and has not been able to advance practically anything. Of course, whoever manages to carry out this tremendous feat will win a succulent monetary prize, since Cr1tikal has decided to give $20,000 to the player who dares to face this challenge and complete it successfully.

He initially decided to offer $5,000, but decided to quadruple the amount to increase motivation. So if you muster up enough courage and skill to try it, all you have to do is record yourself on YouTube or Twitch and fill in the following form to show that you have succeeded.

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