A Genshin Impact leak shows the map of Sumeru

The new region should be added at the end of August.

A Genshin Impact leak shows the map of Sumeru 07/20/2022 23:45

One of the great successes that the video game industry is experiencing today is materialized in Genshin Impacta MiHoYo title that has managed to dazzle millions around the world to the point of being one of the most profitable games Today.

Given this, it must be said that the title is constantly growing, since it is being seen that the updates keep coming, taking this to that the content of Genshin Impact is practically eternal. And it seems that all this will go to moresince the arrival of a new map could be imminent.

This is what Sumeru will look like according to a leak

Genshin Impact Sea Mushroom

Sea mushrooms in Genshin Impact.

Given this, it must be said that the world of Teyvat, where Genshin Impact is set divided into seven nationsso that every so often a new region is presented, giving rise to Sumeru would be nextbeing so that this will arrive through an update at the end of August along with three new characters.

Nothing official has been seen at the moment, but apparently the user known as Ubatcha1, a well-known Genshin Impact leaker, has revealed the map of Sumeru, which would be located to the west of the Chasm mines, so this region would be the bridge between this new region and that of Liyue. You can see the map below:

It should be noted that full region version will not be seen at launch of the update, thus giving rise to game users having to wait a little longer to see Sumeru’s appearance in full. It should be noted with this that two updates are expected in view of Genshin Impact’s background with other regions.

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For all that has been said, there is nothing left but to wait a few weeks to be able to see the partial arrival of Sumeru in all its splendor. Otherwise, it must be remembered that Genshin Impact is available for PC, PS4, PS5 and smartphoneswith the Nintendo Switch version currently in development.

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