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We’ve been playing crazy soccer games for a few weeks with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, about which we highlighted in its analysis that it fell a little short of content. Apparently Next Level Games and Nintendo want to remedy that problem through free updates that they will be distributing.

The first of them will be available to download this week, on July 22 exactly, and thanks to it the character roster will be expanded a little more with two new additions. On one hand we will have Daisywho will be difficult to intercept thanks to his speed and agility, and she will be joined by Shy Guywith balanced statistics.

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Along with these novelties, new cosmetic items corresponding to the medieval set will be introduced, which will serve to improve strength and shooting at the expense of other attributes. And the icing on the cake will be the new Desert Ruins stadium for those who want to give a new touch to the soccer fields in their different game modes.

Its creators have wanted to anticipate that for the remainder of 2022 they are scheduled to be distributed two other free updates with which more characters, items and stadiums will be welcomed, so we’ll see what they surprise us with.

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