Pokémon GO August Community Day will feature Zigzagoon de Galar and all these bonuses

This last weekend the July Community Day was celebrated in Pokémon GO, so Niantic wanted to start warming up the engines of the new edition of this monthly event. This has led him to confirm that it will be Zigzagoon in his Galar form the protagonist of August’s Community Day.

The event in question will take place on August 13, between 11:00 and 14:00 (local time), so you will have three hours to get all the original Zigzagoon from the Galar region that you can, since they will appear en masse during said period of time. It is even possible that some appear with their shiny version.

Evolving Zigzagoon to Lioone de Galar and Obstagoon, its final phase, will make the latter learn the Obstruction Charged Attack. However, you’ll need to do this for the duration of the event or up to five hours after it ends, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete this step.

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The Community Day will be accompanied by its own special research task with a price of 0.99 euros, although another temporary research task will also be enabled for those who do not want to checkout that will allow them to unlock various Obstagoon cosmetic items at exchange for capturing a total of 100 Galarian Zigzagoon.

Pokemon Go Zigzagoon Galar 02

Besides all this, the event will have several bonuses. In this way, each captured Pokémon will deliver triple the Stardust and double the candy, but the duration of the Bait Modules and Incense will also be increased up to three hours and the probability of receiving Candy++ when catching Pokémon if the level will be increased. Trainer is 31 or more.

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