running a restaurant in ASMR mode

When we talk about creating atmosphere in a game, the visual setting often comes to mind, but the truth is that the sound It is also a key aspect that borders on the same level.

In that quest to make you feel inside the game, ASMR Food Experience realism has passed. His presentation video is one of the craziest things that have happened before my eyes (and ears) in a long time.

The idea behind the game is simply to run a restaurant by completing challenges like keeping obnoxious customers happy, getting the best products for your dishes, and being resolute in the face of problems like weather changes and how they can affect your business.

From there comes the really impressive part of the game, the use it makes of the sound to teleport to that moment when the lights go on, the oil starts to sizzle and the knife slices through a tomato.

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With no approximate release date and one of those videos that seems too good to be true, ASMR Food Experience is one more among multiple projects of an incubator with a lot of game to launch in Steam. Hopefully everything doesn’t go to waste before I can taste this madness.

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