Fall Guys speed records are impressive (especially if you also fall every few minutes like I do)

While you are still fighting to prevent your rivals and teammates from throwing you down an embankment at the slightest mistake, there are players fighting to get speed records by beating Fall Guys screens.

It’s not that they run better than you, but also, it’s that they also take advantage of any small gap on the stage to scratch seconds from a time that, more because of skill than time itself, is simply spectacular.

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Where I only see perfect opportunities to fall off and die, these players see the opportunity to dive to take advantage of a millimeter of the character’s collision box and launch in the right direction. It’s amazing.

Although during the payment phase of Fall Guys world records were also the order of the day, with the arrival of new players thanks to the free-to-play model it has exploded even more. take a look at the videos that you have next because they have no waste.

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