This Skyrim Player Shows Off His Huge Arsenal And You’ll Want To Have It Too

Without a doubt, this dedicated Skyrim player has a great arsenal and impressive decoration.

This Skyrim Player Shows Off His Huge Arsenal And You'll Want To Have It Too 07/16/2022 10:00

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the most important ARPGs in its industry considering that the game still has its respective popularity after a decade of its release by Bethesda. Since the best -and not so good, of course- points of the open world are still being discussed in internet forums, it is that we dimension some of the most interesting arguments of the installment. Although, of course, this leaves players to continue considering new ways to enjoy the title or discover tricks that seem to never end.

Until now, the reasons for the intense debates among the gaming community are many, however, it is possible that in the journey through the lands of Skyrim, players may find pleasant surprises and, of course, demonstrate that their abilities to combat are not the only thing you can rack up in the game.

Although, there is a story centered on the events that ended the peace of the city after a civil war between the Stormcloaks against the Empire conquered by the Thalmor, there are also many alternate stories that complete this dark and tense scenario. Although the specialty, of course, of Skyrim is directly related to combat and a wide range of movements that will allow the player to develop their own battle style, Another aspect that has attracted the most attention among ARPG fans is that they can have their own residences within the game..


Sykrim players and their custom houses

The latter has meant that players have a much more complete experience during their games. While going through dungeons and scenarios that are sufficiently gloomy, players can choose where to locate their houses for their comfort. Unsurprisingly, some of them have gone out of their way to give them a custom look as far as it goes, with a few decorations being put up. So we can find some cities and wineries all over Tamriel.

Initially the base game did not allow players to have their own houses in Sykrim and customize them. However, this may have been possible later because Bethesda expanded on this feature with the Hearthfire content expansion in 2012.. Not only were more houses added to the game, but players could also adopt children.

Of course, this novelty for that time was complemented by the constant mods that fans have been adding over time. In this way, customization became a much more extensive experience within the action game, since the players now have complete control over their properties. Fact that has made Skyrim a much more immersive game.

Speaking of players’ personal properties, a Skyrim fan showed off an interesting part of his house: an incredible arsenal packed with weapons, armor and other player tools.

The large collection was shared by a Reddit user named MumbleepegTheUglyPug, among which we find an armory worthy of honors. In the publication, the user has shown his love for battles through a video inside his house in Skyrim. In the scene we can see a series of mannequins with different armor. But what has given it an elegant and special touch is the decoration of the walls of the room, full of shields and weapons.

In the description of the Skyrim fan, he explains that the equipment he has on display has been obtained in different ARPG warehouses. You can see it below:

It’s amazing how many war memorabilia this fan has dedicated himself to collecting. However, it seems that, as we can see the house, it has been modified to obtain that appearance. To which the user replied in the affirmative, while pointing out the mod he used to achieve this effect in his arsenal. The “Ilinalta House” mod allowed him to give a more elaborate look to this place so precious to the proud player.

Many of the netizens praised the work of MumbleepegTheUglyPug. And, although some would like to have all the weapons and armor that the player shows, not everyone has had the time to achieve it, since it was surely an arduous job considering the amount of objects that he owns. However, the mod also had its respective importance in this place. Of course, mods are one of the best ways to improve Skyrim content.

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