I’m going back to the Wild West to attend the funeral of an old friend

Red Dead Online is dead. The multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption II, one of the best and most important works of the last generation, fulfilled the July 13 a year without new content. New actual content. Putting two pieces of clothing (sometimes recycled) and experience/money multipliers is not putting content. Let’s not start off on the wrong foot.

RockstarGames, a company that has been exploiting the udders of GTA V and GTA Online for a decade without any compassion or respect, holds the murder weapon. Rockstar’s interests are in GTA Online and the future GTA VI, and Red Dead Redemption II and Red Dead Online are the price to pay. Money rules, compadres.

“We need money” – Dutch van der Linde, Red Dead Redemption II.

Faced with this situation, the players organized themselves to carry out the Red Dead Online funeral on July 13. For many it will be the last ride. For me it will not be the last, but I will never play with the same emotion again.

Red Dead Online: Farewell Old Friend

There are few things with less future than a multiplayer that does not receive content. Read Dead Online (at least the one we know of) has no future and that’s why I decided to return once again to the Wild West to join the community in the event #RedDeadFuneral.

Today marks a year without new content on RDO.

A year ago today gamers entered excitedly expecting to be delighted by what the Blood Money DLC would offer.
Some being disappointed and others pleased.

Whoever you are, you showed passion for the game. #RedDeadFuneral 🖤 pic.twitter.com/n1sdoKMpk6

— Rockstar Nation (@RockstarNation) July 13, 2022

For me, Red Dead Online (Y Red Dead Redemption II) means a world. Very few video games have made me love both my hobby and my job. It has been with me for many years through my best and worst moments. It has been the scene of laughter that lasts minutes, of tears during the worst stages and even a refuge at the end of the year of 2020.

The 1July 3, 2022 I logged into my PS5 to attend the Red Dead Online funeral. I showed up at my campsite and decided to take a look around some of the cemeteries on the map. As he calmly rode on, he swore by Kratos himself that a special aura could be felt.

In The End 45220117904 O

Blackwater Story Mode Capture

In the end, I ended up in the Blackwater Cemetery. Not only because it’s the most beautiful and I like the views, but because that’s where my multiplayer adventure began. All the players begin their adventure in that godforsaken town.

Then I remembered how I was introduced to Red Dead Online during its testing phase: a group of 4 players killing each other in an open field a few meters north of the town. They ended up killing me and I got very angry. Luckily, the community straightened out those kinds of people over the years.

NOTE: you can use the interactive map of Red Dead Online to help you follow my path during this experiential.

Revisiting locations from Red Dead Online: only Rockstar Games can abandon something like this

There is no discussion possible: Red Dead Redemption II Y Red Dead Online They are almost perfect in every way. The visual section of it has some finishes that border on the sickly. You just have to walk through its cities, towns, forests, deserts and mountains to realize it. And no next-gen version!

As I rode my horse, I marveled again: its cities and towns are beautiful, from glamorous Saint Denis to Tumbleweed’s hole. And speaking of the latter: there I organized the biggest carnage I’ve ever done in a video game. Two clock hours killing NPCs lowered my karma from best to worst.


Capture of January 16, 2021, Red Dead Online

I laugh at George Washington on Independence Day - my patriotism in GTA Online is measured in booze and fireworks

In the tumbleweed graveyard I found a couple of gamers attending the Red Dead Online funeral and celebrating in their own way: they were grieving like in the movies. They greeted me and went about their business. I watched the show while I had an ice cream.

I decided to go back north, but this time by train. I set course for a railroad crossing south of Rathskeller Fork. Making a transfer, he would reach the Macfarlane Ranch, a classic to do the daily missions of the Naturalist role.

While on the train, I was reminded of the days that the daily quests ask to travel certain distances with the train, driving it and/or on the train. The community did not take long to organize and on those days it was agreed not to attack each other on the train and leave it at some important station so that the rest of the players can find it.


Capture of Thieves Landing, Red Dead Online

Once in Macfarlane, I continued north through Thieves Landing over the mythical train bridge. Crossing that bridge with the horse or a delivery wagon is a gamble, because the train could arrive at any moment. Everyone knows that it can end badly, but do not hesitate to play it.

I went back to Blackwater to REQUIRE (not steal) a boat and get straight to Rhodes and continue my journey through beautiful Saint Denis, Lagras Marsh (I hate that place forever), Van Horn and Annesburg to Willard’s Rest (northeast of the map), my second favorite place in the entire game. In story mode one of my favorite missions happens.

Red Dead Redemption 2 20200222021644

Capture of Willard’s Rest, Red Dead Online

Since the northern area of ​​the map is full of forests and no towns or villages until we reach the west, I decided to go slowly while hunting some animals to sell their skins when I reached Valentinea beautiful town full of ruffians and scoundrels.

The hunt red dead online is sublime: you must eliminate the animal with the correct weapon and without making it suffer, otherwise the skin will be damaged. In addition, the animals hunt each other and there are many times that a wolf or cheetah has taken a piece of me… and let’s not talk about the behavior of bears. I would give for a few guides.

After selling the furs in Valentine, having a couple of drinks in the Tavern and changing my clothes, I headed for the snowy northlands. There isn’t much around here, except for the abandoned town of Colter and the glacier, which has been rumored to sound so much.

Red Dead Redemption 2 20200126140759

Lake Isabella Story Mode Capture

I went back to Colter to fast travel to strawberry, my last stop before reaching Little Creek River, my favorite point on the entire map and where I really wanted to say goodbye to Red Dead Online. There is no more beautiful place on the entire map.

The little creek river It is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by large trees through which it winds quietly, feeding the fauna and plants. The entire floor is covered with purple plants that contrast with the natural green, the river and the scattered rocks. You lack the will to leave this place without looking back twice.


Capture of Little Creek River, Red Dead Online

I managed to set up my camp here after several attempts and there I said one last goodbye to Red Dead Online. I don’t know if I’ll play again, so I wanted to finish in my favorite place.

Red Dead Online is dead and Rockstar Games has killed it

Red Dead Redemption II it is a wonderful work. Red Dead Online might have become GTA Online in the West, but its community fought to establish unwritten rules and make it the complete opposite: a fair place and far better than the pointless, cash-strapped madhouse that GTA multiplayer is today.

Red Dead Redemption 2 20200223012348

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games kept it up for a few years until it abandoned Red Dead Online… but not before selling the multiplayer separately with the (false) promise of new content.

The abandonment (and death) of Red Dead Online is the price we must pay to see GTA VI, a game whose story will probably not have the value of GTA IV and everything that is obnoxious (but profitable) of GTA Online. I will never forgive Rockstar for missing out on the full potential of Red Dead Online.

We’re thieves in a world that don’t want us no more.(We are thieves in a world that no longer wants us) – Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption II.

Now it’s your turn: were you at the event? What does Red Dead Online mean to you? What are your fondest memories? I read you in comments.

Clarification: Red Dead Online is still active and playable. The funeral has been a symbolic community event to let Rockstar Games see one last time that its players do not forget what happened.

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