They recreate the Star Wars intro in Minecraft in a great way

This user managed to combine a scene from Star Wars in the world of Minecraft and the result is incredible.

They recreate the Star Wars intro in Minecraft in a great way 07/15/2022 23:45

It is undeniable that the structure of Minecraft is somewhat incalculable, not only because of the potential creativity that its open world represents for fans and their constructions, but also because of the solid player base that it has after almost a decade since its launch.

Despite the fact that it seems to offer a very simple plan in terms of its landscapes -due to the cubic forms that have characterized the aesthetics of the franchise since its inception- the reality is that the landscapes that are generated automatically can capture some of the more interesting phenomena within the game, since they are not directly based on the real world. Mojang’s game settings are roughly 1.5 billion square miles, so it’s hard to imagine what could be done with that much space.. But it was not always like this.


The open world of Minecraft has been evolving

In 2009, which was when the title was released, its maps were limited and, most likely, at that time everything that could be done to improve the experience had not been dimensioned. At that time, the idea of ​​the video game was not to demand the attention that, for example, a shooter requires. On the contrary, Minecraft was designed to help players relax. Although, of course, its appeal was escalating as the developers discovered the full potential that Minecraft had. so en 2014 Mojang released the version that we can now see with forests, beaches and tundras that are made up of millions of blocks.

Of course, this remarkable change did not go unnoticed by the fans, who understood that this game was crossing a much more developed stage for those who used it as a creative medium. And, along with many elements that were adapted as part of the biomes, Minecraft would become the cornerstone of its own genre.

It is likely that cube figures are not suitable for any type of construction, considering that the places in real life – and even in the imagination – which they are intended to imitate have spherical or oval shapes. Apparently, this fact could mean that the buildings do not fit the purpose, but that has not stopped thousands of players to build anything they can imagine.

And by the latter we mean absolutely everything tangible around us. Many of the players have made architectural structures worthy of being exhibited in a museum, as well as making contraptions with the elements they have available (and which, obviously, have given them an alternative use to the original). But what else could they build then?

It seems that players are not satisfied with recreating the existing society, but can also create fictional places or scenes from their favorite movies.

star wars in the world of minecraft

It is no mystery to anyone starwars (also known as Star Wars) is one of the most popular franchises in the world. While it includes novels, video games, and toys, the movies have carved out their own niche in the industry, becoming one of the highest-grossing series.

In this way, it is not surprising that some Minecraft fan shares a taste for the series created by George Lucas and has used his free time and talent to demonstrate what the opening sequence of Star Wars would look like in the Minecraft universe. In a Reddit post, this user known as number1nathanshared a video showing a rather peculiar version of the credits of Episode IV in the sky.

Something that has caught the attention of Internet users regarding this clip is that the fan has managed to give the clouds a new texture, so it perfectly represents the beginning of the first Star Wars movie.

It’s not flawlessly stable, as number1nathan has gone to some lengths to line up so the scene looks authentic, but it’s not without its own charm. And, in case you were wondering how he managed to shift the images into a sequence, it’s pretty easy. The user simply used “clouds.png” images that he edited afterwards.

You can see it below:

Impressive, right? although it should be clarified that It is not the first time that Star Wars appears in Minecraft. In the past, Mojang released a Star Wars DLC for the game in 2020. So it is possible that this fact gave him the idea to recreate such an important scene from one of the most popular franchises in film history. Although, considering the success of both franchises -and many others, officially and unofficially-, it is likely that we will continue to see works as incredible as this in the future.

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