the battles of the free MMO are fought based on magic, laser swords and impossible speeds

The market of free MMOs it has contenders as tough as Genshin Impact, but Tencent has decided to get in the middle of that battle. Tower of Fantasy is the work that wants to conquer the public under the Level Infinite label and with the development of Hotta Studios at the helm. Now, the company has shown what we can expect from open world combat.

PVE or PVP battles, it doesn’t matter when you carry futuristic weapons that can be customized and adjusted depending on each of their attributes. In total, it has four types of skills, be it attack, defense, a specific skill for each weapon, and combos. We will find twelve different types of weapons and three of them can be equipped at any time.

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Among the effects that they can cause is the Combination Attack, which allows us to execute a combo when an attack is fully charged. On the other hand we find Phantom Time, a lucky parry which will cause us to accumulate energy. With Elemental Restraint we will be able to activate elemental damage to quickly annihilate monsters with unique weaknesses.

Finally we have Non-attribute Shield and Physical Shield, which change the balance of defense according to our preferences. If you plan to play Tower of Fantasyknow that already you can sign up for their pre-registration. The launch is planned for the third quarter of 2022 on PC and mobile.

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