This is why the One Punch Man deities hate Saitama

It seems that we will finally know the origin of “god”.

This is why the One Punch Man deities hate Saitama 07/14/2022 03:00

Before proceeding, it is important to mention that this article will contain spoilers for One-Punch Man chapter 167available in the service of viz media online, Well, this one has just dropped an important clue about its most mysterious character, the villain known as God, who even confirmed a direct connection with the Moon. We recommend you read it before reading on.

On multiple occasions, the manga has hinted that there is a connection between God and the Moon. The satellite appears many times during the battle between the Hero Association and the Monster Association, like an eye watching the battlefield. Also, when God takes away the Homeless Emperor’s powers and life, to prevent him from revealing his existence, he appears standing on the Moon. In One-Punch Man chapter 167, this mystery may be solved. In a panel showing the dark side of the Moon, in the center of a huge crater, something is barely visible: it looks like the backbone of a colossal body, buried deep within the Moon. This could be God, trapped inside Earth’s satellite, which would explain many of the things Blast has said since his appearance. The spine’s position would also fit God’s pose when he appeared to Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Oculette.

one punch man 167 god saitama

The large crater on One-Punch Man’s Moon seems to hint that the body resides there, possibly “God”.

The Rank 1 hero is engaged in a multidimensional battle against God, along with a group of powerful allies. Blast talked about a “dimensional seal” many times, especially when the battle between Saitama and Garou apparently damaged it. It is obvious, then, that God is somehow trapped or contained somewhereeven if he can still exert his influence by enticing people to become his “vessels”.

However, the small detail in One-Punch Man chapter 167 hints that God’s prison is, in fact, the Moon. This changes the way fans can understand God’s motives, since while it is clear that the villain wants to be released Regardless, it seems possible that this can be achieved by immediate physical means thanks to the intervention of Saitama and Garou. His borrowing of power may not be about sowing conflict on a metaphysical level, but about instigating the destruction of the Moon and eventually Earth.

Important details about “God” in One-Punch Man

It’s also interesting to note that the crater in the panel is not the same one that Saitama created when Boros threw him on the Moon, as this one is actually on the dark side, facing away from Earth. However, it could be that Saitama’s impact had some repercussions and weakened God’s seal, which would explain his increased activity. At the moment, the origin of God remains a mystery, but One-Punch Man has all but confirmed that the ultra-powerful threat resides within the Moon..

The hit manga One-Punch Man has just dropped a major clue about the nature of its most mysterious character, the villain known as God. A panel in chapter 167 once again pokes fun at God’s connection to Earth’s Moon, explaining many references that appeared earlier in the manga.

one punch man power garou saitama

One-Punch Man’s god took the form of Bang to communicate with Garou upon reaching his final form.

God first appeared in chapter 109 of the digital manga, as the entity that gave the homeless emperor his powers., transforming him from a homeless man into a powerful monster who defeated many top-tier heroes. God then appeared to various other characters, including Psykos, Tatsumaki, Garou, and even Saitama, whenever he offered great power to fulfill his most fervent wishes. However, the Rank 1 S-Class hero Blast warned his allies of the danger God posed, as the mysterious being is apparently trapped by a “dimensional seal” and attempts to free himself by corrupting people with his powers. Garou was the last to accept God’s offer and became so strong that he can now fight on par with Saitama. It seems that, in some way, the fight against Saitama is vital to unleash the full power of him.

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