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Simulate and recreate virtual scenarios with one of these comfortable and easy-to-use glasses.  GETTY IMAGES.Simulate and recreate virtual scenarios with one of these comfortable and easy-to-use glasses. GETTY IMAGES.

Entertainment can even become a concert in the front row from the sofa at home thanks to virtual reality glasses. They work very simply, since you only need a mobile phone to insert it into the lenses and you can access an endless catalog of games and interactive applications.

Virtual reality glasses provide the feeling of being inside each scene that is selected on the mobile phone and the image is seen in 360 degrees, so they allow you to live an unparalleled visual experience while enjoying a movie or a game in a videogame. There are many models, but to make the choice easier, we have prepared a guide to the best options in terms of value for money. Discover them and have fun!

Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality glasses

Get an unrivaled gaming experience with these VR headsets, built with an ultra-fast processor and higher-resolution screen. It is compatible with both mobile phones and PCs, to enjoy a wide variety of video games.

They are configured quickly and easily, through Wi-Fi and the free ‘Oculus’ APP. Plus, the Quest 2 glasses link to your personal Facebook account, making it easy to find friends virtually and share the experience.

quality display

They guarantee immersive entertainment thanks to their quality screen and their infinity of pixels.

Black virtual reality glasses

These glasses use the latest technology and design in virtual reality, guaranteeing high definition image quality. They have an ergonomic and ultralight design, to be able to carry them comfortably and not feel tired after prolonged use.

They have 42-millimeter aspheric resin optical lenses, which help people with myopia (less than 600º) to see without the need to additionally wear prescription glasses. In addition, you can adjust the viewing angle according to your needs.

with headphones

They are equipped with high-quality stereo headphones that offer immersive 3D sound for an immersive experience.

OIVO virtual reality glasses

This is an option to use specifically with the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED version. They have been made with EVA materials, so they are light and comfortable glasses.

Adjustable and comfortable straps

It incorporates an adjustable strap for the head and reinforcements in specific areas of the parts that come into contact with the face, so that the glasses do not bother and adhere effectively.

Bnext virtual reality glasses, various colors

The perfect gift for children and adults is this: virtual reality glasses with which to enjoy an authentic and interactive 360-degree visual experience. They can be connected to a wide range of mobile phones, ranging in size from four to six inches. They are available in the colors blue and red.

They have built-in straps to easily adjust them to different types of heads. In addition, they include an eye protection system and a soft piece in the nose area to reduce the pressure of the glasses and provide comfort.

sharper images

They have a large lens design and have different specific buttons for each one separately. Thus, the viewing angle can be expanded in a personalized way for each focus.

HeroMask Kids VR Goggles

Open a door to imagination and virtual reality in one step with these comfortable and easy-to-use glasses. They have a viewfinder with interpupillary adjustment, which adapts precisely to the eyes of both the youngest and the oldest. In this way, they are perfect virtual reality glasses to share with the family.

It includes a mechanical button that can be easily interacted with, without the need to use an external controller. In addition, the position of the lenses is easily adjusted thanks to the three wheels that it incorporates in the viewfinder.

Designed with educational games

The little ones (between five and twelve years old) can have fun and at the same time learn thanks to the games that include these glasses, such as language games. They can also be used for other video games or to watch movies, connecting them to a mobile phone.

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