This is what New York looks like on mobile devices

It was last week when Ubisoft opened the curtain and we were able to see one of the secrets that I had been keeping for the longest time. The Division Resurgence appeared before us to show us that the potential of the franchise can also be squeezed on mobile devices. Now, we have a new look at the work.

In this case we are talking about a gameplay in which we are shown the main benefits of what the team of the French company wanted to build. First of all, it has been stressed that we are in an experience adapted for mobile phones, without forgetting that we will be able to explore an open world thanks to the enormous recreation of the city of New York.

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The story places us just after the first The Division, with the initial wave that entered the city. Unexpected villains will appear to make things difficult for us and we will have to be attentive to what happens since we are facing a canon title. In turn, there will be new factions like the Freemen.

The core of the game will invite us to walk the streets shooting everything that moves while we accumulate resources of all kinds. We can also expect the return of the Dark Zone with all its dangers, although access to competitive game modes will be granted.

All this available to play with our friends, being able to adapt the controls, weapons, classes and personalization of The Division Resurgence to our liking. We don’t have a release date yet, but you can go signing up to test the closed alpha on both iOS and Android.

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