Mutants Are Officially In The MCU Now

Marvel seems to have officially confirmed mutants in the MCU through the Ms. Marvel series.

Mutants Are Officially In The MCU Now 07/13/2022 23:00

Ms. Marvel is the most recent series belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to premiere on Disney+, which is part of Phase 4 of the company and that will dictate the future of the franchise. In addition, as usual, Marvel has taken the opportunity to relate the adventures and history of Kamala Khan with other characters in the comics.

The latter is important, since everything seems to indicate that the mutants have been confirmed official way to be part of the MCU, which is news that all X-Men fans have been waiting for. Next, we will tell you all the details, but you should know that this post contains spoilers from the final episode of Ms. Marvel.

Has Marvel confirmed mutants in the MCU?

Kamala Khan talking to Bruno in the Ms. Marvel series

Kamala Khan talking to Bruno in the Ms. Marvel series

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you should know that this has been building over time and when new movies and even series are released. Each of these projects has served to constitute a great plot and that, in the past, culminated in the final confrontation between the Avengers and Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

However, while Marvel has included many interesting comic book characters in their movies, for rights and licensing reasons had not been able to integrate the mutants into this universe, since the rights to these characters were in the hands of Fox.

But, after the purchase of Fox by Disney, they have acquired these rights and now they can show them on screen as part of the MCU. In addition, the president of the company, Kevin Feige, in the past has joked with the idea of ​​adding them in future productions and everything seems to indicate that they have succeeded.

In the final episode of the Ms. Marvel series for Disney+, we can see our protagonist, Kamala, who is played by Iman Vellani, as she talks with Bruno about the origin of her powers, which have the potential to change the world. future. It is at this point that he confirms that she has been researching the genetics of her family and has discovered some traces of mutations in his DNA. But this is not all, since, if we pay attention, we can hear a piece of the main song of the animated series of X-Men, although accelerated.

This dialogue has served so that the fans speculate on whether Marvel has finally decided to include the X-Men in the MCU, which is good news. However, she leaves us with other questions, because if this is confirmed, then it is also revealed that Ms. Marvel, in her series, is a mutant.

What is the origin of Ms. Marvel’s powers in the comics?

The origin of Ms. Marvel's powers in the comics is different from what the MCU poses

The origin of Ms. Marvel’s powers in the comics is different from what the MCU poses

If the clues left by the Ms. Marvel series turn out to be true, then it would be confirmed that she is a mutant and this is something that directly contradicts the origin of his powers in the comics, since it does not belong to them.

Kamala Khan’s powers, in the comics, are part of the experiments carried out by the Kree race with humans, resulting in a new race, which are the Inhumans. And after the events in the Infinito comic, in 2013, this girl’s abilities awoke after being exposed to the Terrigen Mistswhich functioned as a kind of stimulant for these latent powers to finally activate.

Therefore, we can say that, at least in the comics, Kamala Khan is not a mutant, but part of the Inhumans who have awakened their powers. But this seems having been changed in his version of the MCUWell, although at first her abilities were related to the bracelets she wears, now they handle the idea of ​​turning her into a mutant.

What does it mean for Marvel that mutants are finally part of the MCU?

Professor Xavier appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, although he belongs to another Earth

Professor Xavier appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, although he belongs to another Earth

As we mentioned earlier, one of the clues that has allowed fans to speculate about the mutant origin of Ms. Marvel, apart from the dialogue with Brunowas the fact that a piece of the theme song of the X-Men animated series was played.

It is not the first time that this has happened, because during the events of the Doctor Strange film in the Multiverse of Madness, when Professor Xavier appeared on the screen, played by actor Patrick Stewart, also played this song in the background. This means that this track could be used to represent all things X-Men.

If Ms. Marvel, in the series, belongs to the mutants, this opens a doorway for the X-Men and all the mutated characters from the comics. This is a positive for the franchiseWell, it means that many more stories can be told, since there are a large number of mutants loved by fans and who are eager to see them be part of the MCU.

But this is not all, since it is also an opportunity for other characters already presented, can be reintroduced or converted into mutants, as is the case with Captain Marvel or the Scarlet Witch, for example, but organically and without having to appeal to their versions from other universes. And there is a theory that the latter will create the mutants in this universe.

Also, because the bracelet is directly related to the Noor dimension and if a lot of energy leaked through this place, it could serve as a base. to explain the origin of mutants in the MCUas perhaps exposure to this energy could awaken the mutant gene, giving them powers.

Although obviously the easiest way to explain this and without it sounding so far-fetched is through biology, as these mutations could be treated as such and look for explanations in genetics, since it would also serve to explain that these characters have existed since the beginning of time, although always struggling against difficulties.

When will the X-Men appear in the MCU?

It remains to wait to find out when the X-Men will appear in the MCU and how

It remains to wait to find out when the X-Men will appear in the MCU and how

This is one of the most common questions, now that there has been speculation about the confirmation of mutants in the MCU.

While it is true that Professor Xavier did appear in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie, this belonged to another Earth, so it would not count as the official presence of this group in the MCU. However, Marvel has not revealed details related to this group of heroes either.

There is also a possibility that these characters will be introduced one by one, maybe participating in other projects or some individual. The possibilities are almost endless, so it remains to wait to find out what Marvel plans to do with the next Phases of series and movies.

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