World of Warcraft will modify its auction house to help less populated kingdoms

A series of upcoming very important changes that will affect the auction house of World of Warcraft, something that will become effective with the arrival of patch 9.2.7, which is currently only available on the test realm. Blizzard has communicated what kind of changes it plans to implement and with which it hopes to put a cable to the less inhabited servers.

The point is that currently the most populated servers have objects of all kinds in this place, with some affordable prices and others not so, depending on what you are looking for. On the other hand, in the servers that have fewer people, the problem is that the prices are usually higher because the demand is not so high.

Naturally this is a disadvantage for the users of these servers. For this reason, the auction house will become the same for the same regionalthough yes, it will only affect certain items, specifically gems, plants, flasks, consumables, etc., while weapons and armor pieces will continue to be from the same server.

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With this, it is hoped that the situation will be more equitable for all players and they will not encounter so many problems when acquiring certain products through this method. For the rest, the interface will remain intact and everything will continue to work exactly the same, so no one will find any differences in that respect.

along with all this a new service channel will be implemented so that users can speak for him to offer their help or look for people to complete dungeons or activities related to PvP. More than anything because until now everything was published in the trade channel and it was a bit chaotic to read something between the messages of objects and the rest of the proposals.

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