An Elden Ring mod allows you to play with Pyramid Head from Silent Hill


It’s impressive how one modder has brought one of Silent Hill’s most iconic characters to the Midlands.

Elden Ring was one of the most anticipated releases for this 2022Therefore, the explosion of topics around this open world did not seem to give rise to more debates among the gaming community. Although, of course, the theories or observations never cease to surprise us.

In this same sense, FromSoftware continued with its initial approach, which was the one that attracted thousands of users, to transform it into the winning formula that catapulted it to total success. And beyond the first experiences with the game, Elden Ring also earned one of the best reviews in the industry, with a Metacritic score of 96 on current-gen consoles and 94 on PC..

This rating is due to many factors. Among them, there are still many points that have earned so much praise for the installment, especially for its excellent graphics, the landscapes that you can find during the explorations and endless details that make Elden Ring an impressive game.

As we delve into each of the features of Elden Ring we realize that the gameplay becomes an increasingly complex experience. Therefore, there are many issues that play in favor of this installment of FromSoftware when it comes to adventure.


Not only because of the fact of facing different enemies, but there is also the possibility of facilitating your games with useful objects for the occasion, such as weapons, talismans, shields and armor or simply building your own tools for the journey. However, the latter has not been sufficiently exploited among the gaming community, since the debates revolve around the gameplay.

Mods involving characters from other franchises

Although it is appreciated that Elden Ring has built incredible sites for battles, this does not mean that it cannot be improved with the work of its fans. By the above we mean that the commercial success due to its great features can and is being tweaked by the modding community, who have given some of their improvements to the base game. Especially when you have to include other iconic characters in the industry.

Recently, DSO Gaming, a modder known on their networks as Tallmaget has created an add-on for Elden Ring that allows players to embody Pyramid Head, from Silent Hill. And the result is so impressive that there are already a huge number of images on the Nexus Mods page showing how it works. The Punisher appears in place of The Tarnished, which is quite timely considering the similarities. In addition, the Great Knife could not be missing to complete the personification.

In the description of the mod it indicates that there are two versions available for download; the first, which is the original, and the second that adds the “bloodthirsty massacre”. In the latter, the modder recommends that Elden Ring be played without censorship.


Who is Pyramid Head?

In case you didn’t know Pyramid Head, is one of the most representative villains of horror games, along with Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, and Andrew Ryan from BioShock. In fact, his relationship to the Elden Ring appearance is tied to his presence as a stalker antagonist representing protagonist James Sunderland’s guilt and desire for punishment (existing to keep him human and help him remember his past actions). ).

Pyramid Head can be identified by his red helmet and butcher’s outfit that reflects the image of an executioner from the town’s past. This villain wields the Great Knife and the Great Spear, with which he torments James.. Although, after James kills Eddie Dombrowski in self-defense, a second Pyramid Head materializes.

After understanding the history of Silent Hill’s evil punisher, it is understandable that, after years of inactivity after obtaining one of the most influential places in the horror genre, fans have decided to involve him in a game like Elden Ring, given its theme. dark and full of enemies with gloomy stories inside the dungeons.

There are even other characters that could inspire modders to include them in their job list. It is possible that we will see them soon, but in the meantime we will have to observe how the character behaves in a world that is not his. The Midlands could be a bit confusing for Pyramid Head.

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