This is the only Dragon Ball character that can beat Beerus and it’s not Goku


Who knew Bulma’s special candies could save the day.

One of the most important moments in the history of Dragon Ball, and especially that of the manga, was when Goku managed to transform into a Super Saiyan. Thus, this very significant event changed the destiny of the characters and their respective environment since now the main hero is capable of developing great potential to unsuspected limits and, with certainty, we can say that he would use it for good.

But until here there is a condition for the use of this power, and that is that Goku has unlocked his divine powers by himself. Which implies that when facing Lord Beerus, better known as the God of Destruction, he would lose the battle. Considering the Saiyan’s first match didn’t fare so well, there’s likely another Z fighter who can take on the enemy with one of his more inventive attacks.


Who is Lord Beerus?

This character He first appeared in chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Super. In this episode, the evil Beerus has a very interesting vision: someone from his universe confronts him and manages to defeat him. This fighter is a Super Saiyan God, although his identity has not yet been revealed. Right now, Beerus goes to Earth to fulfill the objective of ending the Saiyans who survived the catastrophe caused by Frieza, Goku and Vegeta.. Despite not knowing the identity of the Super Saiyan that appeared in his visions, it was very likely that it was one of them.

Once Goku unlocked the Super Saiyan God form, he has an epic battle against the God of Destruction, however, he loses it. He made Beerus return his peace of mind, considering that there would be no one capable of annihilating him. Although maybe he should have worried about the rest of the Z Fighters.

The perfect enemy for the God of Destruction

Going back to the moment when we managed to find out who is the right adversary for Beerus, we are at Dragon Ball chapter 7, when Goku, Bulma and Oolong go on a journey to find the Dragon Balls. Although Goku and Bulma initially started the journey, he later joined Oolong considering him useful (because of his shape-shifting powers) for the mission. What they didn’t know was that Oolong was plotting his escape, because he didn’t want to get involved with those responsible for ending his reign over a tiny village.

However, before he could carry out his plan and escape, Oolong consumed a piece of candy that Bulma gave him. And, when the time came to retire, Bulma strangely said “Pii Pii” and Oolong fell ill.. Which prevented him from abandoning them.


But what was it that Oolong consumed? The candy was designed by Bulma and basically gives her full control of the intestines of the one who consumes it for a considerable amount of time. Of course, the Dragon Ball Super audience will agree that, After Beerus’ first visit to Earth, he went with Bulma to eat one of his dishes..

While Beerus can be an imposing character in the series and enjoys using his incredible powers for somewhat lurid ends, that doesn’t take away from his love of food. Especially if he comes from planet Earth. In fact, if the God of Destruction’s plans were to focus on destroying the Earth, it would be enough for Bulma to feed him her candy to have control over her needs. Thus, Beerus would have to quickly return to his homeworld rather than make another kind of unexpected mess.

On the other hand, although Lord Beerus is a god and this gives him many abilities, his attention span is not that effective. So, if Bulma were to use this diarrhea-inducing candy before Beerus tried anything to destroy whatever stood in his way, he would most likely forget what his original plan was in his eagerness to return to avoid an “accident.” So this would lead us to a valuable conclusion: if Bulma were to use her special candy, she would have control over Beerus’ body and force him back to his world. and, with this, the fighter Z would be the one to save the Earth from the terrible plans of this evil character.

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