six games valued at almost 150 euros plus those offered in previous months

We don’t know if your summer vacations start in July or if you have to wait a little longer to carry out your leisure plans, but wherever you go and thanks to Google Stadia’s cloud gaming you won’t just need an internet connection to play. And if you also have a Stadia Pro subscription there is six games waiting for you to give them an opportunity without facilities or more paperwork than hit a simple button.

Let’s start with something basic: unlike other cloud gaming alternatives, Google Stadia is free. You buy a game and start playing. It is not a service, but a gaming platform. Additionally, the Stadia Pro service is offered, which guarantees the best game quality as well as being able to claim the latest games offered in recent months. Counting the six who just entered, which they are valued at 146.94 euroswe are talking about more than 50 games.

The curse of SEGAGA, the game that predicted the end of SEGA and was released two days before the disappearance of the Dreamcast

Although the new batch lacks that ball that we have seen in previous months, it is worth remembering that it is still possible to claim games like Control Ultimate Edition, Terraria, Outriders or Cities: Skylines, which we can play on the fly from any browser (including Xbox consoles), mobile phones and, since yesterday, the new generation of Samsumg televisions.

That said, it’s time to review what news has just entered the Stadia Pro Games in July 2022, which continue the premise of offering something interesting for all audiences although, as we say, the lot lacks that great monthly game that is stand out from the rest.

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (valued at €33.99). The most recent installment of the Scott Cawthon saga arrives at Stadia six months after its debut and enters as one of the highlights of the month. Terror in the first person from the hand of some animatronics with the face of few friends.
  • Centipede: Recharged (valued at €8.99). It obsessed you in arcades, you played it to death on the Atari 2600 and now it’s back with new graphics and completely updated. Atari dares to imagine the Centipede of the 21st century.
  • roguebook (valued at €24.99) Role, adventure and battles with a card system developed by Richard Garfield himself, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Good references. Don’t have Stadia Pro? You have a free trial of 90 minutes.
  • Those Who Remain (valued at €19.99) A psychological thriller in the first person developed by Wired Productions in which we will have to explore two dimensions connected to each other. One fact: if you don’t have Stadia Pro you have 30 minutes to try it for free.
  • Worms WMD (valued at €23.99) The classic Team17 formula refuses to go out of style: control a group of worms armed to the teeth and destroy everything you see on the screen. Have you never played it? You get 60 minutes of free play without having to subscribe to Stadia Pro.
  • Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Return by SH1FT3R (valued at €39.99). The animated series based on Universal’s millionaire saga makes the leap to video games with a driving proposal with its own story mode and local and online multiplayer options. As with several previous games, you have a 30-minute trial without being Stadia Pro.

Remastered classics, driving for everyone, adventure with a touch of mystery and enough content to not get bored on vacation, with the advantage that Stadia is designed to work with any controller, mouse and even using the mobile device as a traditional controller. Which has its advantages, despite the fact that we will continue to miss the touch of the buttons of a lifetime.

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