now I am your god, the Lord of the Long Night and the Great Sword

I admit that I’ve been with Minecraft for a few regular weeks. The Ender Dragon, the Wither and trying to parkour have drained me. I feel like doing quiet things that don’t require using more than 50% of the few neurons I have left. The point is that these things are not enough to write the experiential ones and I have already spent the cartridge of the intense and profound publication.

I mentioned this problem to one of the members of the parkour group and he suggested a specific activity that was adapted to my needs: assume the role of god in a server in which multiple players must kill each other until only one remains. The server rules were simple:

  • Each player is randomly assigned a point on the map. They must build their empire without leaving the area (at least without getting caught).
  • Other players can be attacked when they both reach Iron. To attack, they must first openly declare war.
  • They can talk, organize meetings and visits, and make alliances, although in the end there can only be one left. If a player declares war on another, the allies of both are involved in the war, ergo they can attack and be attacked. Alliances are secret.
  • Once war is declared, anything goes.

And what was my role in all this? be god. She had every possible power. He could choose to do nothing, annoy or help any player at any time, manipulate players to duel… Whatever he wanted. The only thing I couldn’t do was communicate by voice or writing. They didn’t know me and I didn’t know them, so there was no conflict of interest.

What kind of god do I want to be? My true self was put to the test

There I was: flying around with the full power of Minecraft in the palm of my stump. I asked myself what kind of god was he going to be: Cruel? Compassionate? Close? Mysterious? Zeus-style? Or more Odin-style? The idea of ​​being like Kratos from God of War seemed very sweet to me.

The first hour was pretty boring. Most mortals had barely reached the Iron Age. Doing any mischief at this point meant earning their hatred and spreading atheism through my new domains.

I decided to do a miracle house to house: grow a couple of rows of assorted crops for them to eat. After a while, a couple of mortals had built crosses to pray to me. I interpreted that they were places where they would make requests… and they were. But a cross…they had got the wrong god.

Minecraft Experiential 1

As a punishment, activate the night and the rain for several days to increase the dangers. During the Long Night, I went to the center of the world and built a stone sword stuck in the ground similar to the Sverd i fjell monument in Norway. At the end, I returned the normal cycle of day and night.

The Long Night and the Lord of the Sword

A mortal took the hint and built his own sword (small version) next to his house, so I decided to reward him with iron armor to spread the word. The rest did not take long to build. Now I had a point of Connection with them!

There were requests of all kinds: weapons and armor, materials and more crops. Too many requests. Too many mortals asking for things. I started to think how I could inject a bit of “war culture” into the story.

Minecraft Experiential 2

SecuroServ is the schoolyard with bullies from GTA Online: I closed the game out of pure rage after a reality slap

I assigned each player a color with a wool block and a torch on the pommel of each one’s sword monument. Then I built a small rectangular coliseum with 4 holes in the form of a horizontal line on each wall so that anyone could see what was happening inside. On the doors I left several holes to assign the wool of those who had to enter.

I looked for the two players who were most advanced in the arms race and assigned its colors to the coliseum. It took them a while to get the hint, but soon almost everyone (except one who was at his business) was at the gates. Several entered, although finally the two he had assigned stayed.

The event was even better than I expected: They threw all the objects and were left with an iron sword and a shield. It was incredible. Not even organizing it would have gone so well. I invented the gladiator fights in that story. There was already a “culture of war”. Soon after, two players challenged each other to battle in the arena for each other’s lands.

“Well… madness, as you know, is like gravity: a little push is all it takes.” – Joker, The Dark Knight.

I am proud to say that increased mortality of the players for the next hour. There was a 3Vs2 alliance match with a hell of a plot twist. Two were left alive and one of them he killed the other from behind. This time I had nothing to do… she was having dinner in real life while watching the show.

Minecraft Experiential 3

There were only 3 members left on the server. No one trusted anyone after the last betrayal and everyone had declared war on everyone… But no one made a move! I called back the long night, activated the rain and sent a plague of spiders to everyone. Two of them got over it. The third, the clueless one who was going to roll with her, died.

The cold war continued, so I decided to destroy the houses of the dead. I left the coliseum in ruins… although it was still usable. Taking advantage of the fact that they both went out to see what was happening with the coliseum, I went to their houses, I took everything from them and I left a chest with a sword and a shield next to his monuments. I went back to the coliseum and started eating pipes in real life while I waited.

Are you seriously going to make me a The Hunger Games?

Plans were going according to plan. They both returned to the ruined coliseum with their swords and shields. They entered the coliseum and stood still. They started role-playing to the death. They both accused me of being a manipulative god, that I had pushed them to kill each other so quickly (a truth like a temple) and that they weren’t going to fight.

I did not do anything. I let them continue blaspheming. While, I talked to the dead players and I proposed a plan: since they were breaking the rules, I was going to do it too… a little bit. They all accepted. What was the plan? I put several posters in the coliseum with the message “5 Euros Steam”. Lie, obviously. Greed did the rest.

Remembering one of my best adventures in Red Dead Online a la Toretto from Fast & Furious: "I do not have friends.  I have family"

Minecraft Experiential 4

And that was it. Then we were chatting in the Discord chat. We met and discussed how the game went. This is how I revealed myself to the world as a manipulative god and how I showed that… “War. War never changes.”

Note: Several members of the server asked me not to share screenshots or names to maintain their privacy and that of the server. They have only allowed me to tell the experience and here it is. I feel very grateful for the invitation and the experience. I hope you liked it!

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