location and how to get all the Lost Helmets in the Spartan Duel challenge

In Season 1 of the renewed and free Fall Guys you can get very special costumes, although another way to obtain some of them is with temporary challenges. During these days the so-called Spartan Duel dedicated to Halo will remain active, in which you will have to get the so-called Lost Helmetshence we have prepared the following guide to help you with this task.

How to get all the Lost Helmets in the Spartan Duel challenge

In the Spartan Duel show, in which you must participate if you want to carry out the missions of this event, there will only be six different tests in which you will have to do your best to win. However, to collect the Lost Helmets you will not need to win, since it will only be enough to catch them to complete the tasks.

Of course, there is a very important detail to take into account and that is that you cannot leave the game at any time. The normal thing is to leave once you have been eliminated in order to start another one, but the problem is that if you do this you will not receive any reward in return, including the points for the challenge missions.

So, if you are eliminated at the beginning, you will have to sit idly by until all the tests are over. At least the show is not especially long compared to the others, since there are only two tests and from there it jumps to the final.

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Starting from this base, the first two tests will rotate between five possible. In each of them a Lost Helmet is hidden, so below these lines you will find all the details about the location of each one. And you better arm yourself with patience, because the tests that will come out are totally random and you may play several games until you get the one you want.

To give you an idea, I have spent more than an hour waiting for the Clean Gun test to come out in a game. It is pure luck, hence the ideal is that you learn well the location of the Lost Helmets to go directly for them as soon as you have some of the following tests.

Vertigo Heights

Fall Guys Lost Helmet 01

In the Vertigo Heights test, a few obstacles in the form of platforms await you. Halfway through, after passing the part full of giant square blocks, you will see various rotating discs. Well, in the one that is located in the entire center is the Lost Helmet of this level.

on tiptoe

Fall Guys Lost Helmet 03

Tiptoe is another of the most classic tests of the game in which you will have to move through a series of fixed tiles and other false ones that will vanish as soon as you touch them. The Lost Helmet for this phase is found in the first row, specifically on the sixth tile from the left. You just have to jump for him without fear of falling into the void, since you will appear from the starting point.


Fall Guys Lost Helmet 02

We continue with more classic tests, as is the case of Portazo, the race in which you will find a good handful of doors that will go up and down. Almost at the end there a jello ramp in which the Lost Helmet will be placed at the end in the entire center. Time your jump well to catch it and keep moving forward so you don’t fall off the cliff.

Clean Gunshot

Fall Guys Lost Helmet 05

Perhaps Clean Gunshot is the test where the Lost Helmet is most visible, but also the most difficult to get it. The problem is that it will be placed in the air and you will need the balance to tip sideways to get enough momentum. All this while some cannons will not stop throwing objects and bombs at you that will send you through the air.

thin ice

Fall Guys Lost Helmet 04

Originally Thin Ice is one of the final tests, but here it has been established as an intermediate level. In it you will see dozens of ice blocks that will break as you step on them, although the one you really care about is one of the centerbecause it is where the Lost Helmet is hidden.

You must be very fast, because if all the platforms on which it is placed are broken before you pick it up, you will have no choice but to eliminate them in exchange for getting the helmet.

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