Dragon Ball Creator Explains How He Designed Gohan’s New Transformation


Gohan’s design was quite complicated, Toriyama explained.

The popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise is evident. This work by Akira Toriyama, which was first published in Shonen Jump magazine, in 1984, according to the statistics it has sold more than 160 million copies in Japan and 200 million in the rest of the world. An impressive figure, of course. For this reason, it is considered one of the most successful Shueisha titles of all time.

And to live up to the manga, which had already generated so much interest among readers, Toei Animation was faced with the challenge of designing the adaptation of Dragon Ball with great care to rescue the best elements of the series.

Characteristics of Dragon Ball characters

The plot that is centered on the adventures of Goku, a warrior of Saiyan origin, was destined to protect the earth from other beings that represent a serious threat to the tranquility of the planet. Although, the latter have also had their moment of fame in Dragon Ball. However, despite the fact that many people have not followed the series closely, they can identify its characters by their characteristics.

For example, among them is the super Saiyan form, which distinguishes the race by bristling yellow hair, while the character is enveloped by a cloud of bright hues. Or, of course, Cell, who wears a suit made of cells, as her name implies, and is one of the most feared in the series.

Although there are many characteristics that are shared between the characters or that, on the contrary, give them a special touch, the style of these (including the scenarios) have certainly remained the same over the years. Of course, there are transformations and the occasional notable change, but deep down there is much to attribute to Toei Animation for its great work with the adaptation.


Gohan, one of the favorites by the audience

An undeniable fact, as in other series, all Dragon Ball fans have their favorite character for various reasons. It is likely that some of them have to do with the physical, however, more is related to his character, bravery and even his history. Especially when it comes to entering the battlefield with all the desire. And although Goku would enter this list, too there are other emblematic characters for the series, such as Gohan.

Regarding Gohan, taking advantage of the fact that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has recently hit theaters in Japan, Toriyama has revealed, motivated by knowing that for fans he is an important character, shared the details of how Gohan’s new form came about in the movie. It has not yet reached the rest of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero world, but we are already beginning to understand many details that we could have seen in the movie without knowing what was behind its most important moments and evolutions.

Although there are other interesting elements that we already know on this side of the world with recent revelations or official promotional materials, one of them that moved his fanmo is that Gohan unlocks a new form during the climax of the movie.. Everything seems to indicate that it will be the strongest form he has ever had and, to explain how this happened, Toriyama talked about the design of Gohan’s new form.

Toriyama explained that at first he didn’t know what to do with Gohan’s approach, until he decided to start with the hair and…it seems to have worked.


In a comment on the official Twitter of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (shared by Herms98 on Twitter), the creator of the series, Akira Toriyama, explained that the official name of Gohan’s new form is called “Son Gohan Beast”. On the other hand, the mangaka continued “Gohan has had some transformations in the past, but this time he needed to awaken a new one. Gohan has achieved his own unique evolution based on the kind of awakenings he had as a child.” Emphasizing that he took the name Beast as an analogy to an awakening within himself.

Considering the importance that Gohan has acquired both in the movie and in the series, Toriyama sought to give the character a unique design “For the design, I tried to draw him with a scary face and pale skin, but somehow this didn’t feel like Gohan.” Therefore, he changed his mind, “So instead I gave her the usual big, bun hair, which went surprisingly well.” Thus, if his teammates thought he was good enough, he went ahead with the details of Beast Gohan.

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