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The cooperative campaign Halo Infinite is one of those game modes that has been long overdue, but finally players will be able to get a taste of a sneak peek thanks to a trial version which will enable 343 Industries as of July 11.

Anyone that be part of the Halo Insider program You can give this game mode a chance in any of its versions. Apart from this, it is also required to have the campaign or, failing that, an Xbox Game Pass subscription to download it on the platform that each one prefers. From that moment up to four players can meet in the same game.

Among the details that the team has provided has indicated that everyone will become the Master Chief and they can play together or explore the setting on their own. However, if someone strays too far from the others he will receive an alert warning him about it, so he will die if he ignores it and will return with the group.

Halo Infinite has great ideas, but ending the FOMO and treating players like cashiers on legs is the best of all

All progress will be saved and it will be up to the players to decide if they want to keep it in their game or store it in a new one. This will allow one to play solo for a while, jump into multiplayer, and then return to enjoy the experience without anyone else and without having lost anything along the way.

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However, 343 Industries has stressed that, as this is a test version, this progress will not be shared with the final version which is expected to be ready at the end of August. At least everyone will be able to play from the platform they prefer, be it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC or Xbox Cloud Gaming at use the cross-play function.

All this will serve to whet your appetite until we know the final day on which the cooperative campaign will be officially launched. And it will not be the only thing that will arrive this year, because the Forge mode is scheduled to become available in September, while Season 3 is supposed to be ready for November 8.

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