Clash Royale receives a new update and these are all its changes


This update comes to fix various bugs.

Clash Royale has been the most played mobile video game for a long time, reaching its peak approximately a year after it was officially launched on the market. At that time it didn’t matter where you went, you would always find someone with their mobile playing some games or simply opening some chests that they had in the bedroom. We could say that right now it is not as popular as it was then, but we can also say that this has managed to maintain a very large user baseand that also, thanks to various updates, has managed to attract a new audience.

Since that launch, more than 5 years ago, we have received a large number of updates that have tried to fix a large number of errors, but at the same time add new varied and fun content. Now we have received another update, although if you are big fans of this game I recommend that you lower your expectations, because I am already telling you that this update has come to fix bugsnot to add content.

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A good batch of bug fixes

As specified by Supercell itself (developer of Clash Royale), this update has come to fix various errors that had been reported by users. Specifically, various “crashes” have been fixed, such as the one that occurred to several users when trying to edit their insignia on the battle bannereither the one that occurred at the end of a touchdown round. Likewise, too fixed bug that prevented some clans from advancing in clan wars.

If you have experienced any of these errors, it is highly recommended that you update your game (if you do not have automatic updates active), because they should be fixed and not happen again. In the event that you have not experienced any of these problems, nothing happens if you decide not to update, since being an update that only fixes errors you can continue playing without major problems.

Remember that whenever you see an error in this title, or in any other, it is advisable to notify the developers through the channel that they have enabled for them. Thus, as this case has occurred, it is possible that get to work to release an update that fixes all these issues.

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