The Teardrop Crystal premieres new trailer with a change in the date on which it will arrive

Video game adaptations to television series is something that is gradually becoming more common. One of the most anticipated is that of Legend of Mana, on which Warner Bros. Japan is preparing an anime series that has been seen in a new trailer so that we can see how it will look.

One of the main details of this advance affects its release date. At first it was expected that the series would be ready for this month, but it will finally be in October when it will be released in Japanin the absence of confirming when it will arrive in the rest of the world’s territories or the platforms on which it will be available.

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With the name of Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal, the series will star the male character of this acclaimed RPG. Shiloh will help Elazul and Pearl in their mission to find other members of his race, but during the video other characters will parade that will be very familiar to those who enjoyed this title or its remastering.

What is surprising is that Seraphina, the female version of our protagonist, appears at the end of the trailer, which could anticipate that the series would have another additional arc. For the rest, the animation will be carried out by Grafina Studios and Yokohama Animation Labwhile the soundtrack will be composed by the great Yoko Shimomura, as was the case with the original game.

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