One Punch Man reveals the true power of his most important hero


It seems that your hero is ready to fight even with the gods…

The top ranked hero in One-Punch Man has remained a mystery and his powers have not been shown, until now. So, it goes without saying that this article will contain spoilers.if you want to read it on your own, you can do it through Viz Average. Without further ado, this chapter finally shows us the hero who could stand up to any other character (perhaps even Saitama himself).

The first time we hear about this hero, Blast, was in chapter 30, but he doesn’t make his first real appearance outside of flashbacks until chapter 139. He first appears when Saitama, Flashy-Flash, and Oculette touch a mysterious cube, which brings them into contact with the evil God who has been plotting to destroy mankind. He offers them power, but Blast shows up and prevents any of them from accepting it. He takes the cube with him, presumably to protect it.but he is strangely unconcerned by the bloody battle with the Monster Association going on just outside.

one punch man 166 garou blast

Blast’s power in One-Punch Man allows him to alter reality itself.

But he wasn’t alone, he is also shown to have a team of other super-powered people that he works with. This event made much of the fandom speculated about his true power and his relationship with the gods of this world. Through all of this, the only power Blast uses is a dimensional portal, but the aesthetic of it suggests that he is more of a technological hero than a mystical one.

When Garou reached his highest power on his own, his fight with Saitama in chapter 166 registers on Blast’s sensors as a threat to the planet, and he immediately heads out to stop him at all costs. Unfortunately, he doesn’t arrive in time to stop Garou from accepting God’s offer of power, which unleashes the well-known form of “cosmic terror” from him.

one-punch man garou cosmic form

Garou’s new cosmic form opens up the possibility for Saitama to have to fight new elder and cosmic forces.

Blast confirms that Garou now emits the deadliest radiation in the universe. With the other S-class heroes (except Bang) suffering from that radiation, Blast is one of the only ones available to fight and take on his new form of cosmic terror. After trying to reason with Garou, Blast begins to retaliate, using his portals in an incredible way to trap Garou, almost managing to defeat him. For the first time, we see the most important hero of the entire organization fight.

Blast’s first attack literally conjures up the image of the infinity symbol, suggesting that his true power may be totally limitless. Blast’s powers are based on dimensional warping, which includes gravity manipulation.. Like Saitama, Blast seems very concerned about the possible ramifications of using the full force of him, which is a fair concern when it comes to fundamental forces of the universe. On the other hand, Garou also wields God’s universal level power, so there is no other option for Blast but to use the full strength of him. For what is essentially the introduction of his character, Blast lives up to the hype. He is intelligent, incredibly powerful and even feels compassion for Garou, he recognizes that he is being controlled and tries to save him in the hope that he can still be saved.

Blast could defeat Garou in One-Punch Man

After being teased by the play’s author himself, appearing briefly, then disappearing once again, One-Punch Man’s number one hero, Blast, is back, and this time, he’s here to fight for real! against Garou and stop the being that emits radiation never seen before. This may be one of the most epic fights in the entire franchise.Well, like Saitama, he has unparalleled power.

one punch man 166 garou blast

Saitama will have to face Garou in his Cosmic Terror form alongside Blast.

The chapter ends with an enraged Saitama and Garou coming face to face, with potentially devastating consequences. One-Punch Man has been on a streak of incredible chapters, beautifully capturing these battles between beings with godlike powers as they toy with the forces of the universe. But if Earth (and the One-Punch Man manga) are to continue, Blast will have to take all his power before it’s too late.

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