Dead by Daylight will transform its progression system and end matchmaking queues with a new patch

Movie villains have not stopped coming to Dead by Daylight. The asymmetric terro multiplayerr allows us to improve each one of the characters for each battle, but the progression system has never finished convincing the community.

Now, Behavior Interactive wants to change this situation with a new patch which can be tested starting next week. For example, completing tasks for each character will now be easier, going from an average of 4.1 hours of daily play to 1.01 hours. That is, the time reduction is 75%, the largest made by the study.

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Another of the criticized aspects is that by giving prestige to a character, all the advantages obtained in exchange for a badge were lost. In order to avoid a complete waste of time, now with the arrival of the first prestige level 1 versions will automatically unlock of the unique benefits of the killers or survivors.

The same will happen when you prestige a second and third time, unlocking levels 2 and 3. Also, prestiging a character will not remove their items, add-ons, or offers either. “We want to make sure everyone is fairly rewarded. When the system launches, we’ll automatically award players an appropriate number of Prestige Tiers based on the number of Perk Tiers they’ve unlocked,” they explain from Behavior Interactive.

On the other hand, it is intended to mitigate the matchmaking issues in Dead by Daylight with juicy incentives. The best possible ratio is four survivors to one killer in the queue, but if the balance becomes unbalanced, the game will offer bonus blood points for those who switch sides to start the match. Of course, to get them it will be necessary to keep the cross game active.

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