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Yor has never looked better…

Saya Hiyama, who has over 250,000 followers on Instagram and posted an amazing album of cosplay photos earlier this year. Like a lot of anime fans and connoisseurs, she is a lover of anime. favorite series of the season of April 2022, SPY x FAMILY and he showed it with an incredible cosplay work of Yor, the famous serial killer and mother of the Forger family.

But where does Saya Hiyama’s fascination to cosplay Yor come from? Beyond the popularity of her character, the truth is that she is a girl who has come to generate an impact among the female audience, as they mention industry analysts, she portrays the conflict experienced by many working women and how they “do not fit into society.”

spy x family cosplay yor

Saya Hiyama is a huge fan of the SPY x FAMILY series as she showed in her recent cosplay as Yor, who she rendered in great detail.

In fact, Yor’s cosplay from SPY x FAMILY made by Saya Hiyama focuses on how this spy lives her daily life. Most of her photo shoot shots place this incredible and powerful woman in everyday scenarios of hers. Well, beyond her work as a serial killer, she is still a woman who demonstrates her great power on every occasion.

Some of his works in social networks More recent ones include her cosplay Yor Forger, there is also Violet from Violet Evergarden, among others. The quality precedes her character, Saya Hiyama loves to depict her characters in great detail. of anime. For example, in the aforementioned, we see how he sought to replicate in the most realistic way the subtle but complicated hairstyle of the assassin.

spy x family cosplay yor

Yor’s cosplay from SPY x FAMILY made by Saya Hiyama manages to faithfully portray both the outfit and the character of this spy in detail. Her work is remarkable to the point that it could be a live-action.

Similarly, the clothing we see in Saya Hiyama’s SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger cosplay portrays the more familiar side of this woman. She not only perfectly matches the outfit she wears, but also enhances the particularities that the cosplayer possesses. An outstanding work that gives us an idea of ​​a possible live-action (just don’t tell Netflix that we loved this cosplay).

An amazing cosplay of Yor from SPY x FAMILY

If you liked this SPY x FAMILY Yor Cosplay and you want to closely follow its stories for your part, the anime is in full swing, you can find the new episodes in streaming with Crunchyroll. In fact, it would be a great time to start watching this amazing series, as it will take a long break before starting the second part of the first season. The thirteenth episode of the first season will premiere in October, so it is very easy to catch up with the first 12 episodes that have become the favorites of the spring season of 2022. However, even with all that said, There is no news about its eventual second season.

yor cosplay spy x family

spy x family cosplay yor

Although SPY x FAMILY has made a name for itself, the work of fans, like in this Yor cosplay, has made its popularity rise like few other series.

Although, certainly don’t expect a job like Saya Hiyama’s SPY x FAMILY Yor Cosplay, as the story is quite different from this typical job. They begin to describe the series as such: “Everyone has a part of themselves that they can’t show anyone else. At a time when every nation in the world was engaged in a fierce information war going on behind closed doors, Ostania and Westalis had been in a state of cold war against each other for decades.

Westalis Intelligence Services Division Focused on the East (WISE) sends its most talented spy, “Twilight”, on a top-secret mission to investigate the movements of Donovan Desmond, the chairman of Ostania’s National Unity Party. , which threatens peace efforts between the two nations.”

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